Trump leads from the front

Positive governmental results for the people are earned by more than hollow words, slogans, tweets and photoshoots of a government leader.

While Trump’s rhetoric drives the Marxists and the MSM to utter distraction, his strategic leadership matters to his country, and due to America’s predominant fiscal, diplomatic and military might, those decisions are felt around the world.

The Trump administration has reversed many years of international ‘disengagement’ by previous Democrat and Republican Administrations. By international negotiation that favours the USA, and by increasing border protection, Trump has simultaneously reversed unemployment, increased local manufacturing, uplifted the economy, reduced crime and has a plan to ensure the future and security of the people. For Trump, the betterment of the people carries his highest priority.

The hallmark of ‘Trumpian statesmanship’ is that these days America doesn’t seem to interfere with regimes and other nation-building. However the United States will ‘carry its load of responsibility’, providing that other nations carry some fair share of the burden, which is evident in the administration’s Middle East policy. Two concerns that influence U.S. regional strategy are Iran’s destabilizing activist ideology, and the danger posed by cross border Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

One of the Trump administration’s major accomplishments was the American assistance in destabilising the so-called ISIS caliphate. By almost erasing the caliphate on the battlefield, an oppressive psychological blow was dealt to the Islamist movement while reducing dangerous platforms and sanctuary for transnational terrorism.

The United States also withdrew from the Iran Deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), being the first step in challenging Tehran’s oppressive regional influence. Additionally the Trump administration has helped apply pressure on Iranian proxies such as the Shia militias in Iraq.

But there are always problems. Some countries and International Globalist Institutions (even currently the New Zealand government) who are supposed to be US ‘allies’, are resistant to American influence particularly because President Trump is in charge.

There are Geo-strategic impediments like the debilitating war in Yemen, unsettled relations among the Gulf States, Turkey’s contentious regime relationships and the murder of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi in Turkey affecting relations with Saudi Arabia. There is a lack of progress toward human rights and economic freedom by the UN and EU influencing uncertainty about Syria. There are huge numbers of refugees, illegal unfettered migration, combined with the persistent threat of transnational terrorism and Islamist fundamentalism, the later facilitated by globalist governments and bodies like the UN and the EU.

For any leader this is ‘not a picnic’ however from my perspective, Trump thrives on challenge, even under the ‘Sword of Damocles’ of the destructive false “Russian Collusion” narrative that has plagued his Presidency since his election.

He seemingly does not try to treat all regimes identically and the USA’s goal doesn’t appear to be virtue signalling so that they can feel righteous. His goal is to deliver tangible, constructive results that minimise damage to the USA and particularly their own people. He is delivering and for that Trump should be very proud.

He continues to pursue the peace process so the US can be ready for the day when there are partners ready for peace. Continually Trump tries to sustain and create alliances, despite constant buffeting by contentious issues and mistrust by the media and even some of his own people.

Trump continues to consolidate and sustain victories over ISIS, aiding the prevention of and visibly calling out of Islamist extremist groups. He remains committed to defusing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Trump administration will continue to lay the groundwork, even if it is years in the making. He knows his actions are building the foundation to achieve such policies.

By comparison with the USA, we live in a ‘miniaturised New Zealand world which is mostly devoid of such international influence and responsibilities. Which makes it interesting when, if by some off chance, I happen to see or hear a local New Zealand MSM ‘news bulletin’. The disparagement of Trump, obviously copied and pasted from the USA left wing media: CNN or the Washington Post is continually force fed to the New Zealand population as ‘the truth’.

Conversely, the promotion by local and international media extolling the false virtues of ‘a prime minister’ who spouts unintelligible ideological bumper slogans, has been a stark contrast. Most of her appearances and policy decisions are virtue signalling for her benefit.

The CoL ‘administration’ are irresponsibly strategic in their endeavours to enforce their Marxist Dictatorial ideology. It is an ideology that totally disregards the disadvantaged and hardworking people of New Zealand.

The MSM by propagating their bias are actually promoting the very opposite of true leadership. This administration is one of mis-leaders. I am finding it difficult to find any tangible benefit that this administration has implemented or even any signs of them having laid any foundations to contribute to the betterment of its New Zealand citizens.

If some of the widely expressed hunches are true that the UN will employ Ardern as one of the leaders of their Globalist Governance Institution, that would be vindication for Trump’s signalling a reduction in US contributory funding for the UN.

The evidence of the results of Trump’s true leadership are obvious. Compare them to a New Zealand prime minister who is just a vacuous virtue signaller, obsessed with installing Marxism on a helpless population, without any evidence of positive results. The differences are obvious to me. The continuing false narrative perpetrated by the New Zealand MSM and their international cohorts about ‘a New Zealand Prime Minister’ is an insult to my intelligence. I do hope the majority of New Zealand agrees at the 2020 elections.