We see through the lies

Dear New Zealand Mainstream media

Please think about what you’re doing and stop giving a free pass to politicians and their enablers.

Politicians have always told lies, either to defend their party and prevent collateral damage or more often, to protect themselves and their public image. It is a journalist’s responsibility to expose the lies and report the truth. This is particularly important when the individuals involved are deceiving the public by using taxpayers’ funds to fulfil their own perception of public interest. 

It is not the MSM’s place to act as the publicity wing for one political party or belief.  Regardless of who you vote for, it is your job to provide balanced reporting of the facts (not opinions) to the public.  It is up to the public to make up their own minds.  This is what creates a strong democracy.  (Do you believe in democracy?)

You don’t challenge the statements made by the politicians and when someone queries the truth of what is reported, you almost always refuse to recognize the lies. Instead you resort to words like “falsehood” in order to seem more objective, even when it’s clear that the statement was a blatant lie or an omission.

Reporting what is said ‘verbatim’ is not journalism. Journalism is reporting what is said AND identifying the truth.  Instead, you use misinformation as a tactic. You present the public with a mixture of truth and lies expecting that people will believe it is all the truth.

Increasingly however, we the public, recognise the lies for what they are. More and more readers are cancelling their newspaper subscriptions and reaching out to unbiased sources of information.

Traditionally we have used radio, TV and newspapers to inform ourselves about what is happening in New Zealand and worldwide.  That was when the MSM was unbiased, reliable and had our respect. Now, when we turn on the TV and radio, we hear you repeating the ‘party political broadcasts’ without substantiating the accuracy of these statements.  This is amplifying the deceit of the politicians. You even reinforce this deceit by lying by omission.

Another way you manipulate what you report to your readers is by selective reporting.  For example, the NZ MSM supports the Democrats by choosing to amplify the reporting of CNN, MSNBC and CBS; TV channels that are the chief propagandists against the current greatest western leader, USA President Donald Trump.  Of course, all the US left wing ‘news’ selected by the NZ MSM is trickled down to unsuspecting, hardworking and preoccupied New Zealanders but hopefully, this propaganda is starting to fall on deaf ears.

Currently, we do have choices such as Whaleoil and Fox News available in New Zealand via the internet, channels that have chosen to deliver the other side of the story. However, the left-leaning MSM choose to exaggerate the views expressed on these sites to amplify their own message.

Journalists who publish after the fact, on Twitter, in text-based stories, do not have any excuse for inaccurate reporting.  They have time to do some fact-checking and should not spread false news, even if it means waiting a few minutes before posting tweets and stories. Tell your friends the truth; expose the lies.

Just because Jacinda is a Socialist Prime Minister you publish everything she says unchallenged. You put Jacinda on our screens and quote her in your tweets and stories but never hold her to account or query her connection with the UN. The irony is that if Jacinda gets her way and enables internet censorship, the free market MSM will soon cease to exist as there will be only one ‘Pravda’ channel. Alternative views will be banned. You will no longer be able to provide both sides of an argument, enable critical thinking, or facilitate a true understanding about what is happening around us.

It’s not too late to live up to your position as the Fourth Estate.

Perhaps you could start by asking questions about:

  • Who is financing the left wing, Mainstream media?
  • Who is financing the UN which is led by a confirmed Socialist politician?
  • Why is the Human Rights Council ‘stacked and backed’ by oil money perhaps purchasing arms to fund Jihad against the West and Israel?
  • Why the EU calls on the USA to fund their military for the defence of Europe against the Russians when their oil and gas supplies are reliant on Russian supply?

In a world where powerful Marxist people lie so brazenly and the mainstream media amplify the lies, eventually, the people will rebel.