Whaleoil transcript: The veracity of Mallard’s sexual assault allegations

Newstalk ZB recording starts at 0.40 – Mike Hosking comments:

Let me just precis this for you. So, this bloke who’s been stood down – here’s what Mallard said: Quote.

“We are talking about serious sexual assault.” End of quote.

Trevor Mallard

Well, that for me – that’s rape, what Trevor Mallard said. He also said this. Quote.

“I am satisfied that the Parliamentary Services removed the threat to the safety of women working in the parliamentary complex. One of the key dangers is no longer in the building.” End of quote.

Trevor Mallard

So, what happened was, this was a complaint that happened, ah… one year ago, after an event that happened three years ago, and it was unsubstantiated – and that’s the important point to remember here.

These things were investigated, they were unsubstantiated. No time was I spoken to by the Reviews head, Debbie Francis, so this recent Mallard enquiry, the person concerned was not spoken to at all, the complaint was ruled to be unsubstantiated last year – laid two years after the incident happened – it’s a weird story.

Clipboards missing – they’re all looking for it with great relief they find it. She gives him a high five, he goes and hugs her. That’s it.

Two years later she lays the complaint, both of them were interviewed. Her claim was he hugged her from behind – that was found to be unsubstantiated, no further action was warranted.

After Mallard’s call for the review, she comes forward again and says “Can you have a look at the complaint?” And that’s where this whole thing starts to fall apart.

Another incident in which the same woman, was involved in another one of the complaints – he passed a comment about another woman’s hair looking nice, the original complainant, clipboard woman, telling her he was looking at her breasts.

[The] third complaint followed a platonic friendship: woman turns up to his house with her son for a cup of tea with his wife. He says he kissed her on the cheek when she was leaving, and he suspects she was put up to the complaint by somebody else.

That’s what you’re dealing with – all unsubstantiated. Where’s the rape? Where’s the danger? And that’s why Mallard is in a world of trouble because he’s… there’s no question he’s defamed this person.