What are your Political values?

These are the four political axes the test measures:

Social Axis (Progressive vs Conservative)

Economic Axis (Capitalist vs Socialist)

Nation Axis (Internationalist vs Nationalist)

State Axis (Libertarian vs Authoritarian)

You will be prompted with a political statement and asked if you agree or disagree with the statement. Your response will slightly adjust your score on our four political axes.

The statements are designed to figure out where you stand on specific issues, as well as the fundamental ideology which forms your views. Some statements reflect more balanced or centrist positions, and will have little impact on your score, whereas some statements present a more radical view, and agreement with the statement will adjust your score significantly.

Upon completion of the test, your score for each axis will be compared to the maximum, and when combined will give an indication of your political philosophy.


Here is my result.

Spanishbride’s result

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