What Bridges should have done

Current National leader Simon Bridges

Audrey Young’s article in A Newspaper is spot on about the leak and Simon Bridges.

The minute the “leak” came across his desk he should have:

  1. Called Grant Robertson and told him that they had a leak or had been hacked;
  2. Referred what they found immediately to the GCSB and the police.

Instead he hurled insults and accused the Finance Minister Grant Robertson of lying, which is never a good look.

While having the “hacked” or leaked information gave Bridges the element of surprise and meant that Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson were on the back foot, it also left him with the stench of criminal activity.

Nicky Hager worked hand in glove with the criminal hacker Rawshark who stole Whaleoil’s private and personal information and will forever be associated with criminal activity because of it.

Simon Bridges, by not acting like a Statesman and alerting Jacinda Ardern immediately to the stolen/leaked material, has compromised his squeaky clean image. He chose instead, like Nicky Hager, to use stolen material for his own personal benefit.

Was the hit on the government really worth it? I don’t think that it was. He now looks as dirty as Hager and for what real benefit?

Cartoon credit: SonovaMin