What now Prime Minister, a tyre cover on your head?

NZ’s selected Prime Minister mourning road deaths. (Satire)
Photoshopped image – Boondecker


Satirical article.

Okay Ms Prime Minister, how are you going to show your support for the dozens of New Zealanders killed on our roads this year? April, of course, has been particularly bad. At least 45 people have lost their lives on New Zealand roads last month alone.

We all know how much Ms Ardern loves to dress up and be seen by the media with her concerned face on when tragedies happen, so I wonder why we haven’t seen her out and about, showing all those poor families how sad she is. Surely one of these fetching SUV tyre covers would be suitable?

Sad/concerned face with dress ups, Islamic Version.

I think she might have been a bit busy when there were all those Christians murdered by some terrorists over in Sri Lanka. Ardern possibly had this little get up below ready to rock, but I suspect she was probably just a bit busy dealing with all those important things like packing for her virtue signalling/granny knows all jaunt to see her other boyfriend Mr Macron. After all, everyone knows that when one’s telling the Internet off, one must have appropriate ankle boots on hand. I wonder what she will wear on her head there? Perhaps a couple of keyboards around her neck or a monitor attached to her head!

Praise be. Photoshopped image.

But seriously, why do these road deaths barely rate a mention from the PM? Ardern is all too quick to jump in with personal visits when a foreign tourist gets murdered or other media-friendly tragedies occur. But when nearly as many people die on New Zealand roads in one month as were murdered by a little Aussie gym bunny Eco-Fascist, there is barely a mention.

Or maybe she is trying to distance herself from the failings of her government. We had to listen to nine years of whining from the Labour and Green zealots that every death on our roads lay directly in the hands of the National Party. Now that her own hands and those of her Transport Minister and associates are just as covered in blood, she is strangely silent.

Well sorry Ms Ardern, a quick flippant ‘I’m really sorry, honestly’ won’t cut it. We have grown used to seeing you dressing up to show your solidarity with every media worthy cause so surely something like the tyre covering head gear is appropriate. Or perhaps something a little more minimalist is in order?

Maybe just a simple set of Little Tree Air Fresheners as earrings would suffice? They could certainly help to mask the offensive stench of hypocrisy.

May I suggest Green Apple to match the fruity green minions that are failing her so well?