Who gets to make these links?

Lauren Southern wearing an It’s okay to be white t-shirt

Trademe has bowed to activist pressure and has removed T-shirts that say that it is okay to be white. Apparently, it is not okay to be white because activists have decided that the slogan is linked to White supremacy.


Because they say so that’s why.

Now everyone, EXCEPT white people are allowed to use the slogan which is not racist at all is it?

The irony of the fact that blindingly pale skinned people are the ones most likely to appropriate the harmless slogan for their own agenda seems to pass them by.

Look below at the photo of people “taking a stand” against a harmless slogan by taking away the word white and substituting…

  • In AE
  • Kind
  • Human
  • You
  • # 1 Youth Workers
  • Rainbow

All the colours of the rainbow apparently… apart from white.

Youth workers in the Nelson region used an awards ceremony on Friday to take a stand against the controversial “It’s Okay To Be White” t-shirts, sold in Nelson.

Imagine if we sensible folk made the executive decision that other harmless T-shirt slogans or items were linked to White supremacy and demanded that Trademe stop selling them.


Oh dear Trademe is allowing sales of WHITE gold when everyone knows that WHITE gold is linked to WHITE supremacy. Forget the secret sign or handshake, White supremacists just need to look at your jewellery to know that you are part of their underground movement.

SHOCKING the controversial children’s book that only WHITE supremacists read to their children.

Why is Trademe selling copies of the controversial White supremacist children’s book Snow White? Everyone knows that it is linked to White supremacy.

I know, I know it is ridiculous but if Trademe can seriously remove a T-shirt that says it is okay to be white because some activists decided that it is linked to something horrible then ANY White object or service or item on Trademe can be removed the same way.

All it takes is some activists on social media making a fuss and BOOM something that should be okay is not.