With kindness Barry fights for Ardern

Hilary Barry

We know politicians must be feeling the heat when the media jumps to their defence, and so it is in this tale of kindness personified.

Our dear leader constantly mispronounces words, like saying “jeopradise” when she means jeopardise. We know exactly what she means, but that’s not the point. The point is that her presentation suffers from her constant reoffending and unfortunately, she is suffering too – it’s dragging her down and making her feel bad.

We sympathise because we are the caring nation that she demonstrated on our behalf after Christchurch. Naturally, our hearts go out to her now. Everyone agrees that she’s doing a sterling job for us and it’s time we returned the favour.

We know she’s powerless to control that wretched monkey of mispronunciation clinging to her back. We also know that she does not want to let the side down which is making her extremely anxious. She’s battled that damned anxiety before; it’s not pretty, and, unsurprisingly, it’s now written all over her face.

But the very kind media have come to the rescue and sent Knight Barry to deliver a good dollop of moral support. That should lift the spirits of our leader and is certainly appropriate in her own year of delivery. Here she comes now.

Da da…da da…da da… sound of galloping hooves.

Knight Barry

Indeed it is the lovely Hilary Barry riding an armoured horse, swishing her sword and holding a shield with the word “kindness” emblazoned on it. You must realise how very selfless and noble this gesture is from such a professional television presenter.

Barry learned well, as we all have, by observing our mistress’s kindness. This is aspirational stuff and exactly what our dear leader wants of us all.

Make no mistake about this costly sacrifice because, in making an admission of mispronunciation, Barry is sweeping her own career to the side.  You can liken it to a jockey telling the horse owner just before the big race, that he’s been falling off the horse a lot lately. Ouch!

As if this were not enough, Barry and her co-presenter proceed to strap themselves to the mast of the sinking ship “Mispronunciation” along with a couple of extinct politicians that it took them a bit of time and trouble to find. It’s a crying shame that they couldn’t find somethink more recent. Quote.

Ms Ardern is not the only New Zealand Prime Minister to struggle with pronouncing certain words.

Former prime minister John Key had two takes on then-government critic Nicky Hager’s surname but he was also a perpetrator and victim.

Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten is among those to add an “s” to Mr Key’s surname in a classic example of the plural problem.” End of quote.

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Don’t let the thought that they are both one-off missteps stop you from applauding the media for the depths that they will go to support a flailing leader. This is aspirational stuff that we can all learn from.