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occultation (noun) – 1. The act of occulting or the state of being occulted.
2. (Astronomy) (a) The passage of a celestial object across the line of sight between an observer and another celestial object, as when the moon moves between Earth and the sun in a solar eclipse.
(b) The progressive blocking and unblocking of light or other electromagnetic radiation from a celestial source during such a passage: a lunar occultation of a quasar; a planetary occultation of a star.
(c) An observational technique for determining the position or radiant structure of a celestial source undergoing such occultation or of the object causing the occultation.
3. (Islam) The temporary, supernatural removal of a holy person from visible existence, as Shiites believe is the case with the 12th imam.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Early 15th century, “disguise or concealment of identity,” from Latin occultationem (nominative occultatio), noun of action from past participle stem of occultare “to hide, conceal,” frequentative of occulere.