Yet another tolerant Green practises inclusivity

Caption: The Green party’s national conference. ( *Just kidding)

The Greens sure can pick ‘em. From rappers who boast about drugging and raping women, to office workers who brag about shoplifting and drugs, it seems that no barrel is too deep and encrusted with slime that the Greens won’t scrape it, looking for candidates. Their latest basement-dweller is yet another far-leftist budgie screaming “bigot!” into his little mirror. quote.

Damning footage has emerged of a Greens candidate hurling ­expletive-laden insults at Catholic students at the height of the same-sex marriage debate. e

The footage, released yesterday, shows Connor Parissis, the Greens candidate for the south Sydney seat of Barton, screaming “your beliefs are a joke” as students hand out free food and “no-vote” pamphlets at Sydney University. end quote.

Remember, this is the same left who claimed that Australians shouldn’t even be allowed to have a say on the matter because it would “unleash hate and bigotry”. Well, it turns out that they were right, after a fashion.

They just forgot to mention that the hate and bigotry was all their’s. quote.

“Shut the f..k up,” Mr Parissis yells in the video. “Go back to church … You know who’s a joke? Your f..king beliefs.”

Mr Parissis, 21, describes himself on his candidate website as a “left-wing” and “mental health” activist and boasts of being a “Universi­ty of Sydney queer officer at the forefront of the Safe Schools campaign and the YES campaign for marriage equality”.

“Go wank yourself at home, you and your f..king Jesus picture,” Mr Parissis is recorded as saying in the video. “I wish I could kick your face in.” end quote.

Apparently, the mental well-being of Christians is of no concern to this loving and tolerant leftist. Neither is the supposed “anti-bullying” aim of Safe Schools. Apparently, schools should only be safe for those who conform to the bigotries of the rainbow fascists. Anyone who disagrees is fair game for the most disgusting bullying. quote.

Catholic students from the University of Sydney who were the focus of the attack in 2017 told The Australian it left them afraid to express their views on campus. Francis Tamer, who was the president of the Catholic Society at the time, said religious views were now “getting shut down”.

“There is a culture among some students at university whereby anything that challenges leftist ­beliefs needs to be suppressed and eradicated,” Mr Tamer said. “It’s a culture of ‘socialism to the death’, and anything else that challenges that view is shut down…It feels like it’s a lot harder to express our beliefs in public,” Mr Tamer said. “Religious views are being regulated and it’s scary for someone like a university student looking to enter the workforce.” end quote.

This tolerant rainbow Greenie is quite a charmer. quote.

The Greens candidate was criticised last year for encouraging people to attack Liberal Party offic­es. “Log off and grab a bat and head to ur local liberal office x”, he posted on Facebook in August.

During Greek Easter celebrations, Mr Parissis posted an image showing Jesus performing a sexual act, with the caption “I love easter traditions”. end quote.

No doubt he posted similarly witty images of Muhammad during Ramadan.

But, of course, his fellow leftists were forthright in condemning his unhinged, bigoted hatred. quote.

A Greens party spokesman ­failed to respond to a request for comment. The Labor Party, whose candidate Linda Burney holds the seat of Barton by 8.3 per cent, also did not respond. end quote.