A ‘hands on’ presidential hopeful

 “I promise you if I’m elected president you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America. We’re going to cure cancer.”

Joe Biden

I have heard some big promises made by politicians, but this one is a whopper. The tragedy is that he, like most of the Left, not only get away with it, but gets applause for it! If Trump cured cancer, he’d be accused of putting hundreds of thousands of nurses and oncologists out of work.

‘Uncle Joe’ is going to perform a modern miracle and cure cancer – but only if he is elected president. What if he loses or doesn’t even get the nomination? Will he say, “Well, that’s it. I won’t be curing cancer after all”?

Thank goodness people like Dr Ben Carson didn’t need to be president to save people’s lives… he just does it every day because he is a good man and a highly qualified neurologist; one who actually does it because he loves his fellow mankind.

Dr Ben Carson with President Trump

This statement by Joe Biden may have actually sounded a tad sincere if he had said, “I, like so many of you, have seen the suffering that cancer causes. If I am elected president, I will do everything in my power to improve the healthcare and research needed to wipe out this terrible disease”. That would actually be a plausible statement.

But no, like so many things that Democrats say, it reeked of insincerity and it was a statement full of hollow puffery designed to appeal to the average leftist voter with the IQ of a gnat.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden

I have read about dogs that can smell cancer. Do you think that ‘Uncle Joe’ has that ability and only sniffs little girls and women because he is trying to check their health status out? Perhaps what he was really saying was that he promises that, if elected president, he will sniff every single female in America?

Perhaps he may also have the gift that our Lord Jesus Christ had – the ability to cure leprosy with the mere laying-on of his hands?  Maybe Joe Biden is just honing his skills and power? He doesn’t grope them at all – is it merely his doing his bit for preventative medicine?

There have been rumours floating around that he is also a bit of a natural when it comes to horticulture, climate change and fiscal management. He is about to announce that he can grow money on trees. His research has shown that every time they have another crop of money, they absorb bullshit that would otherwise give off methane – staggering stuff, that bullshit. Problem is, it isn’t from cows but from Democrats. But there are still quite a few of them so I suppose every little bit helps. Bullshit wise.

My personal feeling is that he would be better off focusing on curing something that is becoming almost endemic among Lefties today.

Stupidity. Now that would be a miracle.