Another nod & wink to the pedo lobby

We’ve reported several times on Whaleoil about the disturbing push
on the fringes of the political left to normalise paedophilia. Except that it’s no longer so “fringe”. Child drag queens performing for money in gay nightclubs is mainstream. Mainstream leftist publications like Salon run repeated stories urging sympathy for paedophiles. TEDx speakers try to rebrand paedophilia as just another sexual orientation.

Now the Silicon Valley plutocrats are getting in on the kiddy-fiddling act.

Snapchat Releases ‘Love Has No Age’ Photo Filter for ‘Pride’ Month

The California-based photo sharing app, known for it’s ability to make photos supposedly disappear, has unveiled a new line of their popular filters to superimpose over selfies…The filter has different text phrases claiming “love has no ______,” with the blank being a different word such as race, gender or sexuality.

…Love has no age?

What could they possibly be suggesting here?

One of the favourite slogans of the gay marriage lobby was “love is love” – a dangerously ambiguous statement which would, taken at its word, legitimise anything from polygamy to incest, bestiality to paedophilia. Naturally, the gay marriage lobby hotly denied that that was their intent, and to be fair, most of them were probably sincere. But that doesn’t mean that others didn’t take them at their word: even before the gay marriage campaign was over, polygamists were clamouring for their piece of the action, and paedophiles were agitating to add “p” to the rainbow alphabet.

As David Robertson predicted, “after SSM, it would be Transgender and then the removal of gender altogether (this is all classic Queer Theory) and that this would then be followed by polyamory, polygamy, incest and then paedophilia. People think the latter especially is unlikely. I don’t agree”.

Leftist social engineering is continually incubated in the billionaire enclaves of Silicon Valley. Paedophilia is becoming the new “trans”.

[As [Twitter user Ashley] St. Clair notes, paedophiles have made a concerted push to join the ranks of acceptance granted to the LGBT community.

This “filter” seems to show the ground this criminal movement to make grooming, molesting, and photographing children in a sexually explicit manner an acceptable practice.

Indeed, as we reported on Whaleoil, Green politicians have promoted and applauded exactly this practice – under the guise of “harm minimisation”, of course.

It should be noted that many in the gay lobby are appalled by this attempted creeping normalisation of paedophilia. Unfortunately, there are also many who seem to see paedophilia as just another norm to be transgressed in the name of demolishing “straight” society. Indeed, its very transgression of “bourgeois” values is an incentive to some of the same Marxists who are determinedly foisting their damaging “transgender” ideology on even the youngest children.

In the words of Queer Theorist Lee Edelman, “Fuck those kids”. Literally, apparently.

Snapchat hurriedly removed the “no age” from its filter, presumably to preempt negative publicity. Perhaps it was just an unintentional slip. But, as St. Clair said, “This is the same company that gained its popularity by being an avenue for underage kids to send nude photos back and forth and did nothing about it despite the countless complaints from parents”.

In any case, you needn’t hold your breath waiting for the next sly attempt to normalise paedophilia from the rainbow left. The Long March is nothing if not relentless.