Ardern should hang her head in shame

By John

Jacinda Ardern’s failure to attend D Day memorial services here or overseas speaks volumes about who we have leading the country. D Day is one of the most momentous days in history. In fact it changed the course of history. By completely ignoring it, she should hang her head in shame. Her flippant comment – “I can’t be everywhere at once” – is a disgrace to her and the office she holds. It is becoming very apparent that Jacinda only attends functions where she is the centre of attention, where the cameras are all trained on her. That of course, would not have been the case in Portsmouth or Normandy.

But wait a minute, she has been to France recently. Ah yes, but that was all about her.  A trip that will achieve little if anything, but there were photo ops galore. However, when it comes to representing our country to honour thousands of our very own countrymen who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, that’s not important. She just swats her non-attendance away by saying she can’t be everywhere at once.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron discuss ways to prevent social media from spreading ideas.

Her ignorance of the importance of the day was exemplified by the Auckland War Memorial Museum only flying our flag. No Union Jack or Stars and Stripes. On enquiring of the Museum why this was so, I was told that the instructions of what flags to fly come from the government.  You begin to wonder if she even knew it was the 75th Anniversary of the landings. Naturally, there was a fair amount of public disquiet over this so, as has become the norm, we awaited the next public appearance of baby Neve. Sure enough, there she was launching the latest naval craft at Devonport. Not quite as far to go as England or France!

We sorely need a leader who acts like one and who knows how to prioritise things so that the most important get attended to. What we have is one self-centred individual with a juvenile attitude of ‘it’s all about me’.

I have just seen the latest headline in a newspaper. It reads, “Family of 7 living in tent with disabled kids pleads for help”. If you can’t honour the dead, Jacinda, at least do something for the living and get your useless minister to help these people.