Auckland councillors declare ‘climate emergency’

By John

What is it with governments and local councils these days? Many seem to have a penchant for either coming up with wacky ideas or involving themselves in areas that they think are fashionable, but in truth are no more than virtue signalling.

Take the latest from Auckland council declaring a Climate Change Emergency after hours of, no doubt, pointless debate. Will it change anything? No. What, practically, will it achieve? Nothing. Penny Hulse says it will ensure the council considers the effects of climate change in all its decision making. What a load of frivolous tosh. There was no need to spend hours of debate to vote on a piece of nonsense enabling them to do something they were able to do anyway. This a scandalous waste of time and ratepayers monies.

If I were to apply the word emergency it would be to Council’s core services: freeing up land and reducing red tape and compliance costs. I suppose spending time on those is in the too-hard basket as answers would be required. Climate Change is easy because you can look good and pretend you are doing something when you don’t have to do anything. And nobody, if they even care, will notice any difference. This sort of time wasting is not the reason we reluctantly pay our rates. If Jacinda Ardern can wreck an entire region’s economy on a Captain’s Call why do these muppets need to spend hours sitting around debating this codswallop?

This Climate Change claptrap is the favourite stuff and nonsense of the Left. They are all about looking good, feeling good, kindness and the warm fuzzies but in reality, achieving next to nothing. Kiwibuild, tree planting, light rail, the list goes on.

It’s the Local Body elections this year. Be careful who you vote for.