Big Brother has Spoken: You will be ‘De-colonised’

Forget the distractions, and there have been plenty. Within the last two weeks this unelected governing coalition of idiots, incompetents and ideologues showed their hand; they are intent on a revolution which will drive a wedge between New Zealanders.

I am not exaggerating.

The first hint of the propagandising happening since the clown-show took office came on June 10th from the lips of useful idiot Chester Borrows, head of Andrew Little’s ‘Safe and Effective Justice’ advisory group commenting on why our justice system is ‘not fit for purpose’ and about ‘racism embedded in every area of the criminal justice system.’ He placed the root cause of high Maori incarceration at the feet of ‘colonisation’:

“The on-going nature of colonisation, people tend to think of this is something that’s really historic, in actual fact if you take away the economic base of a community and then under-educate them in a foreign language it’s not surprising that a few generations down the track they are corralled in the lowest decile suburbs failing in every area of the social sector and that’s the story of colonisation around the world.”

Let’s be clear on three points.  Firstly; the economic base of pre-colonial life in these islands was grounded in feudal slavery, not the oppressive slavery of the Pharaoh’s, or of Rome, or of the plantation owners in USA’s South, but slavery nonetheless. While freeing the slaves on February 6th, 1840 did have the effect of overthrowing the system and undermining the pre-existing hierarchy I’m sure no sane person would seriously recommend a return to human bondage as desirable. I’m sure Borrows doesn’t want that either. He simply wants to pretend that life wasn’t so before the rule of law, property rights and voting rights for Maori were established, all under colonial law.

Secondly; apart from being an insult to our forefathers, Maori and Non-Maori, who worked so hard to get Native Schools up and running, Borrows’ ‘taught in a foreign language’ throwaway is poppycock – it is simply not true. English was a required part of the curriculum at those schools but was not the compulsory language of instruction, it’s a myth.

Thirdly; all Maori experienced colonisation, yet the vast majority are not, and were never, in jails. Borrows’ comments are an insult to the vast majority of law-abiding Maori who simply want to make a better life, both now and from the outset embracing the huge advantages and opportunities of education and commerce colonial life offered them. Borrows is wilfully delusional or brainwashed, or both.

So what? One mouthpiece talking rubbish isn’t evidence of anything insidious; or is it? Because to take Borrows seriously would imply that the answer lies in de-colonisation, and that would be a ridiculous concept, stupid to consider, an utter fiasco, ruinous to harmonious relations in this country.

I’m sorry to report that ‘De-colonisation’ is exactly the agenda this posse of mental pip-squeaks is pursuing; I kid you not. And if you, fools, believed we live in a democracy; we don’t, because apparently there is no argument, the discussion is over, this route has been planned and is now being actively pursued.

The truth in what I say comes from Judge Andrew Becroft, Children’s Commissioner, speaking to Radio NZ just a week after Borrows on June 17th, listen for yourself from 4:25’:

“The new legislative approach talks about delegation and [emphasis] devolution of power and resources; that is what is going to happen.”

Just twenty seconds later Becroft fleshes out his meaning,

“Some structural re-jigging will need to take place, so that involves the d-words delegation, devolution’.

Interviewer: “Does it also involve de-colonisation, and does that come about as a result of some of the changes that will take place at the beginning of July?”

Becroft: “Yes, and yes, no way around that, and it does for all major government institution decision-makers, and the literature is clear, I think we’re beyond, as a country, that debate.”

There you have it, my fellow New Zealanders; just like that, the debate is over, the literature is clear, the agenda is underway, Big Brother has spoken; you are to be ‘de-colonised’.

Hang on a minute. What literature? What debate? I hear you say…don’t we get a say, doesn’t anybody ask us for our opinion, what the bloody hell is going on here? We are being dragged off for treatment at the de-colonisation experimental centre without explicit or implicit consent, and without a single voice of opposition to this assault on our very being? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot!

Welcome to your new home, too bad no-one told you what’s happening. For those of you who may have still believed that we live in a democracy, I have but two words: Ha, and ha!