Brian Tamaki Is Actually Correct

I’m not fond of Brian Tamaki but rate bullies lower still, especially hypocritical bullies, and even more especially sneering, pseudo-intellectual, hypocritical bullies. Thus I was a little piqued over the caterwauling and the disingenuous ‘complaints’ about Tamaki’s now-notorious Facebook ad citing his disdain for all things Islam-ish.

Good Lord, what a performance: Stuff hyperventilating over the partisan but relatively innocent content, writing about and reproducing it, then running off to Facebppl suggesting that the ad breached their community ‘standards.’ That was followed by Stuff and others of the press-gang gleefully reporting on the subsequent removal of the material while Tamaki, in reply, complained of the press ‘sensationalising’ his utterances. It all reminds me of kids throwing cow-pats at each other but is much less dignified by a considerable factor.

However, it was when Red Radio’s Suzy Ferguson got involved that the real sneering started:

Ms Ferguson to Mr Tamaki: “No; there are factual inaccuracies in your post around Sharia law and you talk about it coming in ‘like in Britain’ and most of Europe, that’s, that’s wrong, that’s not, that’s just not true.”
Well, hang on there Suzy, Mr Tamaki is actually correct. I know he’s correct because I’ve seen and read this:

Perhaps you should too, Ms Ferguson, especially the bits about the ‘profound concern and disappointment’ expressed by women’s rights groups. Sharia law is up and running in Blighty, no doubt about it. That makes the fact-score Bishop of Stupid 1, Haughty Detractors 0.

Mr Tamaki also (apparently) warned of our school system increasingly pandering to Muslim minorities, on which subject I am no expert. I can see only what’s before my eyes. I have observed one of this region’s largest secondary schools recently posting and boasting of a $10.9M taxpayer-funded upgrade to their entirely, 100% non-religious, wholly secular, state school lauding their ‘prayer room for Muslim students’. I can only wonder if Mr Tamaki may be probing something the MSM hopes to ignore or simply pretend isn’t true.

It seems that makes the score Bishop of Stupid 2, and (they’re going to have to up their game) Haughty Detractors 0.