Crybaby of the week

Crybaby of the week
  • You have neglected your 4-year old’s teeth so much that he needs 3 fillings.
  • You cannot get him to go to the dentist to fix his teeth because he “hates loud noises and needles”.
  • When the appointment arrives he is found to have a heart murmur and is therefore unable to have surgery.
  • Instead of telling him that he now has to go to the dentist as he has no other option you decide to instead wait until the hospital says he’s okay for surgery.
  • After 3 months he gets his surgery with 3 caps and 6 extractions.
  • Allowing for the 2 teeth he damaged that’s 7 teeth lost or damaged from parental neglect.
  • The kicker is this… a year after it’s all over you run whining to the MSM about the “8-month wait” that was all a result of your parental decisions.

A Taranaki pre-schooler waited eight months with severely damaged teeth and painful abscesses before he received “urgent” hospital dental treatment.

[…] Blake’s mother Tamara Hopkins doesn’t think it’s good enough.
“Blake was in continuous pain that whole eight months – he couldn’t brush, he couldn’t open his mouth,” the mother-of-three said.
“I was absolutely disgusted – serious changes need to be made.”

[…] Blake, then four, damaged his two front teeth in a fall at kindergarten in October 2017 and was referred for urgent treatment that afternoon.
In the weeks before his accident, Blake had gone to the dentist and been told he needed three fillings and was referred to the hospital for treatment under anesthetic as he was scared of loud noises and needles, Hopkins said.

[…] Blake finally got his surgery in May 2018 and Hopkins said as a result of the eight-month wait more work had to be done. The then five-year-old received three silver caps and had six teeth removed.

Hopkins laid a complaint against the TDHB over the experience but due to privacy reasons they could not comment directly on Blake’s case. […]