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Does WARF Know that Adolf Hitler and Islam Were Allies?

Wellington Against Racism and Fascism (WARF), a little group which formed after the NZ Christchurch shootings, seems set on steadily pushing a very lop-sided narrative which is the group’s raison d’être:

Racism is entrenched in this country. We need to know the history of this land since it was annexed by the British State. Christchurch didn’t happen in a vacuum.

The British State? I think this two-bit group of revisionist historians mean the great British Empire.

Aside from that ham-fisted phrasing, the group’s spokesperson, Ana Cocker, claims that “fascist ideology is widespread”. After again parroting their favourite patter, “Christchurch did not happen in a vacuum”, Cocker emphasised the group’s so-called anti-fascist credo with these words:

The Christchurch attack needs to be understood as part of a global right-wing extremist movement. There are striking parallels between the ways these groups organise today and the rise of fascism in Europe in the ‘20s.

WARF, judging by statements on its website and Twitter account (with its tiny smattering of followers), is little more than an anti-white hate group. Under the ‘About Us’ label, its website states:

We are a coalition formed in Poneke (Wellington) after the fascist attack in Christchurch. We oppose fascism, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, and call for the removal of all barriers for refugees and migrants.

One cannot, and should not, let this mangled credo from WARF pass, not if they’ve written it without being blindly under the influence, hopefully only of alcohol, but I have my doubts.

I too hate fascism - so much so that it’s worth pointing out to WARF that the term “Islamophobia” is an invention of the Islamofascists, who happen to be the most virulent anti-Semites on this planet. Pascal Bruckner, the French philosopher, wrote:

“At the end of the 1970s, Iranian fundamentalists invented the term ‘Islamophobia’ formed in analogy to ‘xenophobia’. The aim of this word was to declare Islam inviolate. Whoever crosses this border is deemed a racist. This term, which is worthy of totalitarian propaganda, is deliberately unspecific about whether it refers to a religion, a belief system or its faithful adherents around the world.”

Pascal Bruckner, 2011