Everyone Has to Change…

… says James Cameron.

I loved Titanic and Avatar, just like I loved Love Actually and The Remains of the Day, both starring Emma Thompson. These days, though, I am sick of these people, clever though they are, telling everyone else how they should live. At least James Cameron lives the vegan life he says everyone else must adopt, whereas Emma Thompson flies first class (or even by private jet) while telling everyone else they must stop flying to save the world. Remember, as always, it is okay if they do it… we mere mortals just have to do as we are told.

Now that James Cameron has adopted New Zealand as his home, temporarily at least, he has taken to the media to tell everyone how they should be living while striking at the industries that are the very backbone of our economy.

Nothing ever changes with these wealthy zealots, does it?

Oscar-winning director and self-described “wannabe Kiwi” James Cameron has spoken about his dreams for a vegan future to TVNZ’s Sunday programme.

But Cameron, who is vegan and alongside his wife Suzy campaigns for worldwide reduction of animal farming and consumption, also had a harsh message for our meat and dairy industry.

“There are a lot of problems with meat,” he said.

“Getting your protein from meat requires anywhere from 10 to 40 times as much land as getting the same exact nutritional value from plants. What we need is a nice transition to a meatless or relatively meatless world in 20 or 30 years.”

In other words, he’s a vegan, so he thinks everyone else should be a vegan too.

Cameron, who said that he saw climate change as leading to “the death of democracy as we know it,” acknowledged that his view would be a contentious one.
“It’s the heart and soul and the DNA of the country,” he told Casinader. “I get that.”
The Camerons have turned two large dairy farms over to organic vegetables, as well as hemp, linseed and rye corn, and elsewhere in the interview announced that they were launching a plant-based food business with Sir Peter Jackson.

Sir Peter is not usually one to tell people how to live, so let’s hope that he will not convert into a climate zealot along with his buddy James.

But Cameron has angered his Wairarapa neighbours before and is doing so again, with one farmer whose family has raised cattle in the area for 80 years calling Cameron’s ideas “absolutely ridiculous”.

But James Cameron makes blockbuster movies, so that makes him an expert on everything. Didn’t you know that?

Casinader also spoke to a spokesperson from Beef and Lamb New Zealand, who, as well as outlining the healthful properties of meat and dairy, also pointed out that New Zealand’s typically hilly terrain was not well suited to crop farming.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, Mr Cameron, New Zealand is not exactly lacking in land available for farming. We never seem to have enough land when it comes to building houses, but, for agriculture – no problem.

“We’re not here to get New Zealanders to change,” Cameron said in response. “Everybody has to change.”

Which means, according to James Cameron, that New Zealanders do have to change, and our economy will be destroyed as a result of his climate whims.

“New Zealand isn’t living up to its own image of itself and the image that it projects to the world as the clean, green place,” he said, pointing to pollution in rivers and lakes as an example.

Yes, there is pollution in some rivers and lakes, but there is also terrible pollution on Auckland’s beaches which has nothing to do with agriculture. But, like all other climate groupies, Cameron sees agriculture as the big bad wolf, ignoring all other causes of pollution and degradation.

“We’re happy to live here, we want to be good responsible New Zealanders.

Then stop telling those of us who are quite happy with the way things are that we all have to live your way. We don’t… and that is fine by us.