Filling the void with Socialism

Extract from RedPillJew
From the article, Hardwired for Faith

I firmly maintain that Socialists see themselves as working to create the great Socialist Utopia and have said so many times. They believe, with Marxianic Zeal, that they can create a world without hunger, without poverty or privation, without wars, hatred, discrimination… this is why they have a LONG GAME.  They started this effort a century-plus ago convinced they can save the world:

They’ve taken decades to infiltrate all aspects of government.  They’ve taken decades to worm their way into education. Same for the enemedia.  To indoctrinate the next generation.  To control the information flow and thus influence what the population thinks. You do not, cannot maintain this effort so single-mindedly across generations without it being a faith in something you cannot see. 

It cannot be maintained despite failure after failure after failure, in country after country after country, without faith.  As just one example of multigenerational faith, it was only by faith in the future and a mission to glorify God that the cathedral of Notre Dame was built; it took almost two centuries.  The same applies to creating a Socialist world.  And just like Warmists who cannot – will not – let their belief be dented by any of the problems with the predicted CO2 catastrophe, Socialists will state “but that’s not real Socialism” when confronted by any of the failures.

Since Socialism explicitly rejects God, the desire to create heaven on earth replaces Him – again, fulfilling a higher purpose – something bigger than themselves.  We all know what’s happened since then: millions upon millions dead.

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression
A thinking and introspective person, confronted with this blood-soaked history, would recoil.  That so many can deny/dismiss it, and still maintain faith in the end goal of a glorious Utopia, is a profound signal this faith in Socialism is not rational at all.