Filling the void with…themselves

Extract from Hardwired for Faith
Red Pill Jew

From an article I was reading on its own merits, unrelated to working on this essay, I found a stunning quote; Kurt Schlichter Tells Tucker What Liberals Are About To Ban Next:

To the Townhall columnist and retired Army colonel, leftists don’t like religion “because they hate blasphemy,” because “their religion is themselves.”

And that’s precisely it. It answers so much.  For example, Liberals will turn on their own on a dime – lifelong friends, close family, in The Shunning of heretics – i.e., anyone to the Right of Stalin.  Leftists literally cannot handle any questioning of the Borg left Groupthink; Civility Is Heresy When Leftism is a Religion (links in original, bolding added):

The root of the Left’s dalliance with political violence stems from the fact that politics occupies a different place in their mental and spiritual landscape. For the Left, it holds the same place that religion does for most people.

What is religion? For most, it’s a grand unifying scheme that ties the present to the past and the future, including the afterlife. It defines a person and his earthly life in light of the transcendent; it provides moral rules and ideals; it imposes deeper meaning on what would otherwise be mundane; it provides structure and spiritual sustenance during difficult times…[T]he Left, rather, is a religious movement, and all those who are not of the Left, are, in their eyes, the heretics.

This explains why they’re going so batsh*t crazy as people push back.  We’re not seen as contesting their ideas so much as attacking their faith.  More importantly, we’re seen as attacking their view of themselves as more noble, educated, and moral beings who need to be admired and put on a pedestal.  As I pointed out in an early essay, The Leftist Sense of Self (TLSoS) (bolding in original, underlining added):

[F]or the average Leftist, their sense of self is fundamentally tied to their belief they are a good person because they believe certain things. That belief system is constantly reinforced by their peers and their enemedia intake. Force them to confront a belief founded on flawed information, their very personalities are threatened as you are undermining their view of themselves as “good people”.

We have people who have come to worship themselves, whether consciously or not; consider the speed with which selfies – approaching the very definition of narcissistic admiration – have taken root in popular culture (and feeding off the sin of VANITY).  We also have vanity fed by how many likes and comments we get on social media posts.

If we change “inflated sense of self” into “belief in their own divinity” and “likes-and-shares metrics by others” into “prayers and supplications from worshippers” – easy substitutions IMHO – we see that they’ve indeed lifted themselves to demi-god status – even if not consciously-recognized.E

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”


(Aside: In an essay that is slowly ripening, I am outlining my thoughts on why we Jews are so hated and have been for millennia.  One of the reasons, IMHO of course, is that Judaism was the first religion – insofar as I am aware – that knocked Kings and Pharaohs off their divine throne.  Pharaohs were considered gods-in-human-form, naturally, they took offence to being told “No, sorry, you’re just human and there is One above you”.)