Head Scratch of the Day: The Luxon Ad

The Luxon ad did not come cheap. I read that it would have cost around $20,000, so whoever was behind it was prepared to spend a lot of money.

At the moment we are being told that a 19-year-old self-made millionaire paid for it, but did he do it on behalf of someone else?

If Luxon was behind it then he has made a very foolish mistep. He currently is not expected to leave Air New Zealand for a while but if it comes out that he orchestrated the ad he will surely be sacked immediately.

I asked a knowledgeable friend what he thought, and he said that he didn’t think that the NZ Herald would run a paper ad about Luxon without Luxon’s approval.

If Luxon is behind the ad then he will have upset many inside National with what will be viewed by them as a ham-fisted effort.

If it wasn’t Luxon then it was run by someone with more money than sense and almost zero knowledge of how you get yourself selected to the National party.