‘Imam of Peace’ being dragged through the courts

Imam Mohamad Tahwidi is the Muslim cleric mainstream Australians love, but the Australian left and many other Muslims love to hate. Tahwidi dubs himself “the Imam of peace” and preaches a message of religious reform that one would think would be received with gratitude in these fractious times.

Alas, no. Tahwidi has been subjected to abuse, threats, and now a lawsuit.

In exactly 29 days, I will have to defend myself in court against an ‘Islamic extremist’ principal lawyer.

They’ve tried everything:

Character assassinations, physical attacks, raided my home and destroyed my vehicle, mass reported me on social media and unpublished my pages, and they continue to fail every time they attempt to silence me.

Tahwidi’s critics accuse him of being some kind of Islamic “Uncle Tom”, preaching to bigoted non-Muslims just what they want to hear. Certainly, some of Tahwidi’s statements are provocative, such as that the Sunni text Sahih al-Bukhari should be banned. Being a minority Shia doesn’t win friends from the vast majority Sunni Australian Muslim community, either.

The lastest gambit from his enemies is using lawfare to shut him down.

I have been under a “suppression order” for months, and limited to what I can say…A Breakdown of What’s Happening Right Now:

I was invited by the Australian Senate to give evidence against Islamic Extremists in Australia. The committee was chaired by Senator Ian MacDonald. You can watch my testimony here.

An ‘extremist Muslim’ lawyer shared the footage of my hearing and: A) Believed there should be a law to poison me. B) Wished for ISIS to behead me and turn my head into a meal. This is something ISIS actually does, it’s very graphic…The point I am trying to make is that the ‘extremist’ lawyer was not using metaphors, this is an actual ISIS practice that he wished upon me – in Australia. He is also a migration agent, which leads to the question: If this is his ideology, who has he brought into Australia?

I shared the comments he made publicly, onto my pages to raise awareness about this serious threat.

Members of the public, and my online followers, rightfully expressed outrage at his comments by contacting his office and condemning his actions.

The ‘extremist’ lawyer raced to file a bogus case against me with the Police and Court, claiming that I began harassing him and directed my followers to harass him. He did not tell the police or court what he had done.

I am now being dragged to the courts as he claims that my actions resulted in his loss of business and emotional stress.

Similar tactics have already been used against critics of Islam, such as evangelical ratbags Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot. The case against Scot and Nalliah was eventually overturned, but, as is so often the case, the process is the punishment.

Tahwidi is being dragged through the same punishing process.

Once I win this case, I will release the full story, including all related documents, and show how they are abusing the law to silence those who expose them in Parliament.

We need to look at the bigger picture. They are trying to silence me by using and abusing the law. They are testing the waters. If the Islamist Extremists win this case, it’s over for us – and nobody would dare testify against them in Parliament.


You can donate to Imam Tahwidi’s defence at the link above.