It’s only the idealistic young who believe child poverty can be eradicated

Youth are idealistic and easily manipulated but sage old heads are not.

Of course it’s a government’s job to ensure that its citizens do not live in poverty. But what if that government is completely dysfunctional? What if the politicians and government officials are only concerned with getting rich themselves?

Take Angola, for instance. Officially the country falls in the mid-range of the world ranking of richest and poorest countries, but the country’s wealth only makes its way into the hands of a small percentage of the population. About 40% of Angolese citizens still live in extreme poverty.

The Correspondent

We can’t say Ardern does not have concern for our poor because she does. But putting aside her genuine concern, and her inability to fully deliver on any of her promises to date, her latest promise will fail because of the parents who refuse to look after their children. The drug and alcohol addicts, the lazy, the uncaring and the cold-hearted breeders who see each new offspring as a gateway to more government funding will always be a problem.

A friend at the WINZ office recently overheard a woman asking for additional hardship funding. The WINZ officer asked why she wasn’t managing on the $1,100 a week government handout she received for her brood of kids. The WINZ employee did not hesitate to tell the woman that earning that amount of money in full time employment would be difficult; but her remonstration fell on deaf ears.

Last month Ardern released New Zealand’s three and ten-year targets to reduce child poverty. This is a watered down version of the UN’s promise to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. Ardern’s ten-year goal is 2029.

“The Coalition Government’s plan will halve child poverty within a decade and establish New Zealand as one of the best performing countries for our kids.”


Ardern may be cautious about promising to eradicate child poverty but the United Nations is not.

“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises to leave no one behind and to reach those furthest behind first. Meeting this ambitious development agenda requires visionary policies for sustainable, inclusive, sustained and equitable economic growth, supported by full employment and decent work for all, social integration, declining inequality, rising productivity and a favorable environment.”


The UN agenda sounds like a utopia where the whole world is gainfully employed doing work they enjoy. Who’s doing the horrid jobs? We are promised fair compensation which sounds like utopia but the attempt to achieve these lofty goals might end up as a dystopia.

Governments cannot legislate full employment and they certainly can’t get Shane’s nephs off the couch. Nothing will entice them into productive employment when government funding, supplemented by illegal employment or the proceeds of crime, is so much easier and more lucrative.

Ardern can promise to reduce child poverty all she likes but she will never eliminate it.