Kiwi Cops Enter Clown World

Apparently wearing a kilt, dancing funny and displaying Porridge Wog motifs means that you are a white supremacist. To be fair though, most of them are gingers redheads anyway, so they really can’t help having milk white skin. I can’t wait to see the police raids on Irish and Scottish dancing clubs and the police arresting anyone wearing tartan.

Woe betide you if you have a subscription to Netflix and have been watching the show Vikings. Our Kiwi Keystone cops have gone all the way into Clown World now as they check Firearm licence applicants for shaven heads, tattoos, Nazi symbolism and camouflage clothes amongst other things.

Did you know that Kiwi hunters are white supremacists? Wearing camouflage is gateway clothing to right-wing extremism apparently.

What’s next? Checking to see that you don’t listen to country and western music?
Or anything with banjos?
Is listening to Toby Keith going to get you a visit?

Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)

Firearm licence applicants are being checked for shaven heads, Nazi symbolism and camouflage clothes […]

Signifiers of the extreme right include tattoos, Celtic or Norse symbolism, books on the Third Reich, confederate flags, and reference to Norway mass-shooter Anders Breivik. 


Oh right, so Irish and Scots dancers are now white supremacists?
Who knew Riverdance was so subversive.

Right wing, white supremacists dancing ( apparently)

If you are a fan of American basketball watch out, the Keystone coppers might bang you up in the poky cause it doesn’t get much worse than this…

Oh my goodness it doesn’t get more right-wing than a leprechaun smoking a pipe covered in Irish celtic symbols.