Literally milkshaking

Milkshake thrown over Tommy Robinson| UK News | Sky News

The left love misquoting a footnote from Karl Popper – the philosophical Obi-Wan to globalism’s Darth Vader, Soros – to try and justify their violent refusal to engage in debate with opponents. But, just as they shout and scream that everyone they don’t like is a “fascist” while aping exactly the iconography and tactics of fascism, right down to the black shirts, these morons are too thuggishly stupid to realise that they’re exactly what Popper warned against. Popper warned darkly against those “who are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational argument, but…answer arguments by the use of their fists”.

Sound familiar?

The left have long abandoned any pretense of rational argument. But, probably realising how ineffectual they are at swinging their dumpling-like fists at the end of their pipe-stem arms, the neutered soy-boys of the left are taking to other means of violence.

In the grand tradition of primates tossing feces at perceived rivals, leftists in the UK have lately taken to throwing milkshakes at right-leaning figures they hyperbolically refer to as fascists. And as with the multifarious nasty things that they do, they justify it in the name of some “greater good” that they are comically incapable of quantifying or even articulating.

Once again we see the absurd and grating tendency of leftists to justify physical assault based on the warped notion that certain ideas inevitably lead to…well…physical assault.

In Australia, we witnessed a recent outbreak of “egging”. But the trend seemed to backfire when PM Scott Morrison not only turned out to have a spectacularly egg-proof bonce, but an old lady got knocked down in the ensuing melee. Not a good look, and would-be eggers seemed to slink off forthwith.

The British left’s enthusiasm for culinary assault doesn’t show signs of abating, however.

The trend apparently began early in May when Danyal Mahmud, a 23-year-old Muslim living in England, threw a milkshake in the face of anti-Islamist agitator Tommy Robinson…[who]came over to have a little chat about the prevalence of Muslim grooming gangs in England. Mahmud apparently couldn’t handle the discussion and dumped his shake on Robinson’s head, which immediately led to Mahmud receiving a beating.

Just like a woman who hits her partner and then claims victimhood when he hits back, the man who called Robinson “scum” and assaulted him with a milkshake is now whining that he feels under threat…because by definition, ideologues are blind to their own hypocrisy).

Leftists being nothing if not ovine in their behaviour, the trend escalated. Carl Benjamin and an octogenarian Brexit Party member were assaulted. Nigel Farage was also attacked.

…by a fat, balding, bearded, bespectacled male progressive—why do they ALL adopt that most hideous of styles?—who purchased his banana-and-salted-caramel shake…and then made the atypical decision to not guzzle it down and pack more suet on his frame. The perp, 32-year-old Paul Crowther, justified the assault in the name of a higher cause…

Milkshaking apologists have also scoffed at the idea that this is a slippery slope and that if we justify tossing milkshakes, soon we’ll justify throwing bricks. Sorry, but this has already happened: Muslim activists recently threw bricks at supporters of Tommy Robinson, while an English woman said that Nigel Farage should have acid lobbed in his face.

As intolerant thugs always do, the left tries to justify violence in the name of what they imagine to be some “greater good”. Which is the same excuse used to justify every apocalypse of leftist violence from the Terror to the Holocaust, the Cultural Revolution and the Killing Fields.

Noble cause corruption refers to the tendency of hardcore ideologues to perform a psychological trick upon themselves whereby they justify the most rancid and despicable acts of aggression so long as these deeds are committed in the name of a higher cause. Modern leftists are champions at arguing that it’s perfectly good to preemptively kill someone merely based on the notion that the victim’s ideas will inevitably lead to murder. So long as you’ve identified a “folk devil” and tagged them as bad, it’s impossible to be guilty of doing anything bad to them.

The modern left’s heads are so far up their own asses with the idea that they are unimpeachably good, I suspect they may all soon suffocate to death. Or maybe that’s simply wishful thinking.

These violent children would do well to reflect on Albert Camus’ warning that justifying violence in the name of ending injustice is, in fact, to take the road to injustice and oppression.