More censorship of conservative ideas by YouTube

Last week, YouTube announced a new “hate speech” policy that will eliminate thousands of videos. Many conservative accounts are being purged as the censorship of conservative voices increases at an alarming rate. YouTube has said that it will ban channels from advertising that “repeatedly brush up against” its hate speech policies, even if the videos don’t actually violate their guidelines.

YouTube’s new “hate speech” policy

The above is yet another attempt to censor conservative views by using ever-changing and vague “hate speech” policies.

YouTube already restricts over 100 PragerU videos, calling them either unsuitable or having “dangerous” content. They have prevented PragerU from monetising videos that don’t comply with their policies.

I have watched many PragerU videos and they contain mainstream, rational and fact-based expressions of conservative ideas. There is nothing at all controversial or hateful about them.

All kinds of channels are getting caught up in the purge known as the #VoxAdpocalypse on Twitter, even music and history channels.

History is “Hate speech” according to the Youtube censors
Relaxing music is “Hate speech” according to Youtube censors.

On last nights’ episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we went over why thousand of YouTube channels have been demonetized and censored and theorized about whether the political motivations of hardline Democrats contributed to the #VoxAdpocalypse.

The Rebel Media

What YouTube has essentially done is change the motorway speed limit from 100 kilometres per hour to 50 kilometres per hour and then issue fines to everyone who went over that limit over the past 15 years.

Another analogy would be to compare it to Twitter. Twitter is currently smouldering but YouTube is a dumpster fire. Conservatives desperately need new social platforms that are not controlled by far-left ideologues who will not tolerate a diversity of ideas.

Last week, due to the actions of Vox, countless independent YouTube creators, including educators, podcasters and journalists, have been stripped of their livelihoods. We cannot ignore this. YouTube needs to be punished for this callous disregard for free speech.

At the moment YouTube is still making money off the content creators whom they have demonetised. When these content creators leave their platform for good and remove all their videos then the road to YouTube’s eventual demise will have begun.

It cannot happen soon enough.