Never mind the length, feel the quality

Nice Mr Twyford claims his motley crew have Housing New Zealand ‘on steroids’. I’m not sure about that, but I’m prepared to believe the gentleman himself is a user, in view of his exhibiting some of the side effects of the medication; he seems to be suffering both narrow vision and nervousness.

Trying to distract from the Kiwifarce albatross about his neck, Phil has set up a smoke machine and employed some mirrors to show how fantastic a house-builder he is. Never mind the results – look at these numbers, he says on Stuff, pointing to a clever graph which displays his building prowess. Unfortunately for him, the largest increase came in the 2017-18 year as a result of Nationals building drive, which he concedes. “Twyford was clear about the fact that the increase in building capacity began before he became minister.”

Not to be out-shone, Mr Twyford simply introduced a new tint to the bar-graph. The beigey bits are not actual houses, they are contracts. You can’t live in a contract, and houses under construction are extremely unlikely to be counted as completed in the 18 days before HNZ year-end.

Phil’s graph is a stretch of the imagination, and the truth, like everything that this government announces.