Nope to dope

Jacinda Ardern has said that the government does not have a position on whether or not to legalise cannabis and that it is up to the public to decide in next year’s referendum.

Two of the latest two new polls have revealed that more people would prefer the status quo than have legal recreational cannabis in a regulated market.

Back in 2016 we polled our readers on legalising medical marijuana and a clear majority were in favour.

When we polled our readers November last year again it was clear that our readers were in favour of legalising it for medical use but were not keen on recreational use.

I don’t understand why the government wants to go straight to a referendum on legalising it for recreational use. Anyone with half a brain would know that if you want to liberalise drug laws you have to treat it like a frog in a pot. The temperature has to be turned up gradually. The first step is to legalise it for medical use.

December we had one final poll. You can check the results below.