Now This is How you Handle a Complaint

Bob Jones at his blog No Punches Pulled has a rollicking good tale to tell about what happens when a person using the free gym services he provides complains that a poster on the wall is inappropriate…

Read this and weep.

My company is proud of the reputation it’s built with office tenants, in total circa 400 in the Wellington CBD.
Apart from the obvious attentions such as a much higher standard of maintenance than normal, we provide, all greatly appreciated. We specialise in professional tenancies, embassies and what might be described as the more prestigious government agencies such as the Ombudsman, judges offices and the like. Needless to say we maintain a full house.

Included in our FREE services are by way of example, a squash court and also paintings for the suites. Note I said paintings plural. Many have 10 or more. To that end we have dealer galleries across the country and of course their artists, all flat out, supplying us, in total cost, circa $1 million.
Among the free services we supply is a splendid large central city private gym with both male and female personal trainers, solely for the use of our lessees and their staff. The gym is unusual insofar as instead of the usual guff on the wall of muscular system posters etc, we have a highly eclectic range of things…

To read the rest of the tale pop on over to No Punches pulled.