Palestinian leaders hate Israel more than they love Palestinian children

Despite being hated by many Palestinians Israel continues to provide medical care and life-saving treatment to Palestinians inside Israeli hospitals. One example of this is a 7-year-old Palestinian boy who has been receiving life-saving cancer treatment.

A famous saying of Golda Meir an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, politician and the fourth Prime Minister of Israel is that “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

The Palestinian Authority has illustrated the sad truth of her statement as they have stopped the boy’s cancer treatment preferring instead to use the money to pay terrorists’ salaries.

The PA has decided to stop paying for the successful cancer treatment of a 7-year-old Palestinian child Majed Muhammad Majed Ah-Sha’er in Israeli Ichilov Hospital, in order to keep paying salaries for terrorists. The decision was made despite the fact that Ichilov is the first hospital outside the United States using a new cancer treatment  “that holds promise for lymphoma and leukemia patients.”

According to the boy’s father Majed Muhammad was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2015, and was sent for treatment in Israel

[…] Majed’s father explained that the new request for approval of his son’s next trip was submitted “to the relevant bodies in Ramallah, but his referral to Ichilov Hospital was not approved […] “The reason that the referral to the hospital […] was not approved is that the president [Abbas] has decided to stop the referrals to the Israeli hospitals […]

Until recently thousands of Palestinians every year, such as Majed, were receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.
But this humanitarian program came to an end when the Palestinian Authority decided to stop sending its citizens in need of medical treatment to Israel.

The PA’s explained that since Israel is refusing to transfer the money the PA spent last year on salaries to terrorists (approximately $138 million), the PA will no longer permit Palestinians to travel for medical treatment in Israel, for which the PA has to pay. This decision clearly demonstrated the PA’s priorities – the continued payment of the salaries to the Palestinian terrorist prisoners and released prisoners is more important than providing sick Palestinians with the opportunity to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Palestinian Media Watch

The really sick thing about the decision by the Palestinian Authority is that it only appears to apply to ordinary Palestinians not to Palestinian politicians and their families. Palestinian leader Jibril Rajoub, recently received medical treatment in the very same Israeli Ichilov hospital that the sick 7-year-old cancer sufferer has been refused access to.