Phil Twyford is world class at stopping projects

National party

A reported shortfall in funding for planned Auckland transport projects shows more incompetence and broken promises from the government, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“The government has stopped a bunch of projects that were ready to go and is not making progress on replacements. It has, however, cancelled, delayed or gutted several critical road projects that were in the pipeline, including the East/West Link and a second main road south so it can throw billions at light rail down Dominion Road.

“The government needs to answer what is happening with the East/West Link. Aucklanders want action and want to know what improvements it plans to make to Auckland’s congested motorways.

“Phil Twyford has shown that he’s world-class at stopping projects but so far he’s delivered nothing in replacement.

“The government is also responsible for chaos and dysfunction at NZTA, which isn’t helping.

“National had a comprehensive transport plan. We would spend taxpayers’ hard earned money well to get them moving.”