Poisoning children

Extract from the article Israel and the “Palestinians”: Hard info, and a harder question (Part 2 of 2)
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Official policy of the so-called moderate Palestinian Authority is to encourage mothers to send their children to their deaths as martyrs (link in original, bolding added):

The PA has launched an endless stream of pro-terrorist propaganda — chiefly through television, social media and newspapers — that praises shahids, and encourages mother’s to send children to their deaths. PA President Mahmoud Abbas himself has been instrumental in Palestinian society’s honoring of terrorists and mothers of terrorists, such as Latifa Abu Hmeid — the mother of four terrorists who are currently serving life sentences.

Abbas invited Hmeid to an event in his office, and the PA governor of Ramallah visited her home. She was nicknamed “Khansa of Palestine,” a reference to a woman in the earliest period of Islam who rejoiced when all four of her sons were killed in battle as martyrs for Islam. For Abbas and the Palestinian Authority, this woman is the quintessential female role model.

A state visit to a woman whose sons killed Jewish civilians?  Some “moderates”.  And yes, they sent youths to their deaths indeed, for no nation that values the security of its citizens could permit things like this; take note, at 0:33, a scene of a 13 and 15-year-old running after someone with knives in their hands:

Their children’s shows discuss killing Jews:

The Palestinian Incitement Exposed / 1:26
Hamas to kids: Shoot all the Jews / 1:28

Their ambitions for every square inch of “The 1948 lands” are in their elementary school lessons:

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, on a three-dimensional model exhibition on the history of the Palestinian cause at Ma’zouz Al-Masri School in Nablus. Note the ripped Israeli flags replaced by Palestinian flags, symbolizing the end of Israel. Teacher Manal Al-Tanbour, presenting the map: “Allah willing, this is our vision, and we hope to liberate Palestine, break the chains, smash the check points, tear down the separation wall like the Berlin Wall was torn down, Allah willing, and may we achieve the liberation of Palestine.”

And their kindergarten graduations are just to die for:

Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony: Kids Stage Mock Military Attack and Hostage-Taking / 4:48
Palestinian Preschool Girl Holds Knife, Says: “I Want to Stab a Jew” / 0:33