Pro-migration German politician shot in the head

Hat tip Red Pill Jew

The president of the regional council of the central German city of Kassel was found dead in his garden early on Sunday morning.
A spokesman for Walter Lübcke’s party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), confirmed the 65-year-old’s death late on Sunday.
Regional news outlet HNA reported that Lübcke had been found with a bullet wound in his head and that police had found no weapon at the scene.

It appears that a pro-migration German politician may have been murdered because of his views. Lübcke was known for stating that if Germans didn’t like migration into Germany then they were free to leave.

With the many tensions simmering beneath the surface inside Germany due to mass migration it is reasonable to conclude that his murder might be the result of suppressed anger erupting into political violence. Some factions inside Germany might very well see views like his as political treason.

The author of the blog Red Pill Jew has suggested three possible explanations for his murder.

  1. It could be the start of a number of assassinations of pro-migration politicians.
  2. It could be a “Reichstag fire” false flag as a pretext for Merkel to do something as the AfD and other populist parties across Europe make gains.”
  3. It could be a random incident.

No one wants to see a civil war inside Germany or Europe, but some see it as inevitable, given the circumstances that “Mother Merkle” has created with her open door policy to the world’s migrants. Unless the migrant flow is stopped and reversed I think that the writing is on the wall for Europe and the Islamisation of Europe is inevitable.

Europe, land of the mass migrancy, is becoming so overwhelmed with cultural changes brought on by scores of refugees from mostly Muslim nations, keen eyes are watching and wondering: Is civil war on the horizon?

Everywhere, rising crime — rising crime rates.
And it seems the victims have become the perpetrators, at least in the minds of the flip-flopped Alice-in-Wonderland legal system

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You are more likely to be raped in London than New York. Terrorism is impossible to control. Islam is appeased and treated as an exalted religion over our own and is in control of increasingly large territories across the country.

The leader of the Christian faith in Britain has simply given up. White Britons are a minority in their own capital. Free speech died long ago in the land of my fathers. You’ve heard this song from me and others before.

[…] The police investigate online hate speech but not muggings – as the unfairly maligned Katie Hopkins said, if this is terrorism losing, I’d hate to see it win.

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