UPDATED: Comments enabled again


Disqus was acting strangely, we have applied a work around. Commenting is no enabled again. Please check the update below.

Subscribers have reported issues with the way the site is performing for them.

We have identified the problem and are working through it as fast as we can.

Our overseas based supplier is waking people up and banging on doors as we speak.

We are on to it, thanks for sticking with us. Commenting will resume as soon as the problem has been rectified.

UPDATE: For some unknown reason advertising was turned on and could not be turned off. There were other larger issues with the system and so we have implemented a fresh system. Unfortunately old comments have been lost. We will endeavour to investigate what has gone wrong.

As an added precaution we advise commenters to set their profile to private. Instructions for doing that are here: https://help.disqus.com/user-profile/making-your-activity-private.

Thank you for bringing the issues to our attention so quickly, and for your patience while we rectified the situation.