Teachers Have Created a Monster

Students who organised school climate action are now planning a general strike that will last an entire week! Now it is getting ridiculous. Where are the parents in all this? I would be reading my children the riot act and telling them that they can protest on their own time, on the weekends.

Teachers have only themselves to blame for creating these little monsters. First, they encourage them by feeding them the man-made climate change nonsense and then they set them the poor example by striking to get their own way.

[…] Globally, groups are getting ready for “Earth Strike” – a general strike of the population demanding for immediate climate action from governments and corporations – in September.

[…] In New Zealand, School Strike 4 Climate is leading preparations.
[…] we are calling on all New Zealanders to join us and stand in solidarity on 27th September for urgent action on the climate crisis.”

[…] A spokesperson for climate action group 350 Aotearoa said: “Our team are committed to act as allies for School Strike 4 Climate NZ and will take lead from the students for the general strike.
“The key organisers for the strikes in Aotearoa will be School Strike 4 Climate …[we] will work to support [it] and engage with our networks to engage non-students in the strikes.”

During the week of the strike a range of environmental action is planned.

“We have around 40 regional organisers and we are expecting this number to grow


The demands from these students show that they are just puppets and that it is politically motivated adults who are pulling the strings. Their demands are as follows.

  • That the government declares a climate emergency
  • that all parties in parliament support passing a Zero Carbon Act into law that puts in place a legally enforceable plan to get to zero carbon by 2040.
  • End fossil fuels & invest in renewable energy production
  • That the government “invests in building a renewable and regenerative economy now”.

Someone needs to point out to these self-important teens drunk on their own self-righteousness that if they really cared about climate change they wouldn’t…

  • Organise the strike using their mobile phones
  • Be asking Mum to drive them to school
  • Use Uber
  • Use oil-based products like lycra, nylon, pleather or plastic in any form including for their protest signs, which appear to be all made of coreflute