The Final Piece in the Climate Change Jigsaw Puzzle

By John Rofe

It is easy for someone with a balanced perspective to see why it is impossible for carbon dioxide (CO2) to have any measurable effect on climate. Further, from 100 years ago, starting with the superstars of science like Anders Angstrom and Niels Bohr onwards, the scientific community has understood why the Beer-Lambert law (note a ‘law’ of science, not just an unsubstantiated and already disproven theory), makes it impossible for any extra human CO2 emissions to materially change the climate. Only wads of money and a lust for power could and did change that.

It has long been known that with increased solar insolation comes extra heat and consequently extra evaporation. In this manner, water vapour picks up the role for the earth that sweat performs for the human body.

With its sheer volume and ability to phase-change between gas, liquid and solid, it is hugely superior to the three human-generated emissions of CO2, CH4 and N2O that we are taught to vilify. Water vapour, together with clouds govern almost the full extent of infra-red re-radiation from the earth’s surface into outer space.

Mankind has no role in this. It is the solar cycles.

The time has come for reality to displace the elaborate fiction created under the auspices of the United Nations directed climate change fraud.

It has long been known that CO2 is colourless, odourless, non-toxic at atmospheric concentrations and essential for the survival of all life on earth. Further, more atmospheric CO2 means more plant food to help the greening of the planet.

Less atmospheric CO2 means all plant life suffers because it is so essential to support photosynthesis. The charade of any political party that refers to itself as “green” attempting to tax CO2 and thereby reduce its concentration is bizarre in the extreme. James Shaw should be ashamed of his role in this fraud.

I will therefore not make a submission to the “zero carbon bill” because although elaborate, it is just a fraud – and a heavily promoted mania for subversive political purposes.

The news media needs to take the time to talk to its NZCSC members to gain a more thorough understanding of these truths. NIWA and the current advisers to the government are not part of the solution, but their role must be investigated by the proper authorities because they are clearly an integral part of the fraud and surely must be well paid for that role.

I suggest the time is now ripe for the leader of the opposition to change science advisers and demand the resignation of both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Climate Change. The summary details on the first link below should be enough to explain why.

There are a number of members of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition who understand every one of the reasons why this government has become a fraudulent enterprise but those experts have been denied access to the news media.

I am now prepared to release a copy of my complaint to the NZ Serious Fraud Office, which explains the drama, for anyone with a stomach to see the fraud in all its gory glory. The SFO assistance will likely no longer be required if politicians take the required action.

So what is new and so dramatic?

Because the peer-reviewed report by the team at the University of Northumbria was to be published this week on, the people at NASA last week cynically front-ran some similar if superficial findings based on the (now outdated) solar dynamo studies of one researcher.

This showed on the NASA web site that solar cycle 25, due to commence in several months, would introduce a cooling climate.

The report showed an equivalence in solar activity to the early stage of the Maunder Minimum (so cold then that the seas froze, in what became known as the “Little Ice Age” which ran from 1280- 1850AD). NASA then “damned their contractor’s report with faint praise”.

This treatment is not unexpected. Many are now aware that the two huge US environmental agencies NASA and NOAA, have been corrupted by the UN politics of “climate change” and have been guilty of data tampering with historical terrestrial temperature data since the year 2000.

The evidence of this malfeasance is known to the present US administration, and all lies in plain sight. NASA’s actions are just a few of the dozens of decentralised supporting conspiracies to make “a lion look like a pig” (in the case of CO2) or make “a sow’s ear look like a silk purse” (in terms of their carbon vilification fraud).

The report, the URL for which is shown below, by Professor Valentina Zharkova and her team, has not come out of the blue. Her team’s dedicated work has been validated by similar projects at the major Russian scientific institutes. Her team was recently augmented by the addition of Dr Popova from Moscow to utilise all available international knowledge.

There are numerous books and peer-reviewed papers about the role of solar cycles in dominating the changes to the earth’s climate. Readers of this article can get some of those from the public library if they want. These reports are deliberately suppressed in mainstream media as part of the UN’s global “climate change” conspiracy which has been run under protest from genuine sceptics within the OECD from 1988 to the present.

A string of experiments and observations leading to earlier reports by her team over the last 4-5 years have already marked Professor Zharkova as the leader in this field – at least in the West. The Russians have always adopted solar cycles as the primary reason for climate change…that is why they build so many nuclear-powered icebreakers in anticipation of what is to come. To the tightly controlled Western media, that penny has yet to drop!

When the general public realises the true significance of this press release, Professor Zharkova and her team will become more famous than any other climate scientists, and likely on par with all-time greats in other fields from her own astrophysics specialisation.
The learned paper is a work which can either be accepted as the pin to burst our Minister of Climate Change’s bubble or denied for a few more months until the world awakens to the enormity of the fraud being perpetrated on the average citizen.

Comprehension of the paper as published suffers from the complexity of the issue for laypeople, and from shortcomings in Professor Zharkova’s English language skills, so please view the video below which has a summary from the GSM channel which has been studying this avenue of science for some years.

It provides a comparison between the NASA and Zharkova papers. Please note that the GSM channel has scheduled an interview with Professor Zharkova next week. Here is Professor Zharkova’s paper, which summarises her team’s years of research:

This is the final part of the climate puzzle that, together with existing evidence of the primacy of solar cycles on earth’s climate, effectively busts the global fraud.

Surely, no one ever believed that King Canute could turn back the tide, or that mankind could change the climate? Those two delusions are just so, so similar.

Yet with the help of biddable scientists and media barons, this UN-sponsored fraud has endured for 30 years, to the present day.

Shame on us all!

*John Rofe’s vocation prior to retirement was as an internationally qualified Certified Management Consultant advising distressed organisations across many industry sectors.

This often entailed dealing with insolvencies and fraud investigations in a statutory capacity, including occasional high-profile fraud assignments. In 1990, John took over and led the establishment of Arthur Andersen’s Corporate Recovery practice in New Zealand. He has now retired to become an international energy investor focused on renewable energy projects and new technologies.