The last straw

If you have ever wondered how the virtue signalling ban on plastic straws is affecting those who need them, wonder no more. This recent Twitter thread gives us a window into the life of one young woman who just wanted a one little plastic straw!

I was declined a straw at a restaurant this morning. The waitress had one in her apron. As she poured the water I said “excuse me miss can I have a straw?” She said “we can’t just give them out” and walked away.

My dad flagged her down and when she returned to the table, I asked again “miss sorry but I really do need a straw”. She then said “we only give them to the elderly”

I explained that I am disabled, that I have degenerative joint disease in my spine and picking up a full glass to drink causes muscle spasms under my shoulder blades. She met that with “you seemed fine when you walked in”.

5 minutes later, still no straw. Finally, I ask for a manager and the waitress looks pissed as hell but goes to get them. The manager heard me out, handed me a straw, then turned to the waitress and whispered “people like that aren’t worth it just give them the damn straw”

I was SO frustrated… I just started crying. My dad got up and followed the manager back to the front where he then LET HER HAVE IT. He had let me handle it up until that point Bc I had asked him to.

And while he was shouting, people were turning to look at me.. he was literally just shouting “her spine is deteriorating she uses crutches most days you MORON” and I was SO EMBARRASSED. I got up and walked out of the restaurant and my mom followed me.

We hadn’t even ordered yet so we just left. I’m still really upset. STRAW BAN IS BULLSHIT. It’s just an excuse for ableism. A waitress should NOT get to “decide” if I’m validly disabled or not.

So, this is kind of blowing up more than I thought it would, I just wanted to rant. I am glad this thread is starting the conversation and helping to educate others.

I really appreciate everyone offering to contact the restaurant on my behalf, but there are several reasons I am not going to name it:

  1. It’s a beloved restaurant here, very old and valued in my community
  2. The manager IS THE OWNER
  3. I have severe anxiety, can’t handle that

I have muted my twitter notifications, as this tweet has picked up a lot more traction than I had ever thought possible, and I’m honestly a bit stressed

I appreciate all the kind words and solidarity

ableds reading this thread, LISTEN TO US IN THE REPLIES


Everybody, the infographic being used in the thread is by @rollwthepunches !!! Please go check out their work

You are all for the most part missing the entire point of the thread.

I had to disclose medical information to a WAITRESS so that she could DECIDE if I was DISABLED ENOUGH. This isn’t about straws. If you think it’s just about straws, you have zero care for disabled lives.

I like how all you performance environmentalists tell me I need to “make sacrifices” for the environment… yet… you know NOTHING about my waste reduction habits or my green efforts in my life or what sacrifices I ALREADY MAKE. IRONIC- Isn’t it?

So there you have it folks. Some fanatical Greenie activists think that a person who needs a plastic straw to be able to drink should put the environment before their basic need to drink.