The Left versus Islam

It is going to be a clash of the Titans. The Left-wing almost completely control our education system and as we covered in an in-depth series of articles on the Mates & Dates programme they are already pushing their views on sexuality and multiple genders onto our children here in New Zealand

The left has never had a problem dismissing the concerns of conservative Christian parents when it comes to this kind of education but now in the UK, the same Left-wing sexuality and gender education is facing determined opposition from conservative Muslim parents.

Unlike with Christians the Left has a history of caving in to Islamic demands, so what are they going to do now that Muslim parents have made it very clear that they do not think that it is ok to be gay, or at least that they do not want this kind of sexuality and gender education taught to their children?

Parents protesting against same-sex relationships classes at a school in Birmingham have said they are being treated worse than fascists

Worse than Fascists? If you are wondering who these parents consider fascists then wonder no more. It is basically anyone in Britain who voted for the political party Britain First.

Parent Rosina Afsar said an injunction brought against protests outside Anderton Park Primary School was “disproportionate and unjust”.

It was a course of action the council “did not use against Britain First or any other number of fascists”, she told reporters.

“Instead,” she continued, “an injunction has been applied to peaceful protesters”.
Ms Afsar claimed the school, “in its arrogance, has consistently ignored us”, and said parents had been under a “huge amount of emotional stress”.
She also accused the school of “high-handed behaviour” and said there had been a lack of consultation.
“Parents have been reduced to tears at the way they have been described and treated,” she said.

They will challenge the injunction in court, and “also judicially review all of the unjust and irresponsible behaviour by the school and the council” Ms Afsar said.
She said the protests will continue and parents “will not be silenced”.

[…] Birmingham City Council was granted a temporary High Court injunction last week following several weeks of protests outside Anderton Park.
Shakeel Afsar[…] accused Birmingham City Council of becoming “intolerant towards us”, and of being “clearly Islamophobic towards us”.
Councillor John Cotton responded, saying protesters had the right to express their views, but did not have the right to “impede access to a school”.
The council had “no choice” but to seek the injunction, he said.
He also called for a “proper dialogue” and urged “all parents to play their part in that”.

Sky News reported last week that mediation between parents and staff had stalled.
Nazir Afzal, who is in charge of steering talks between the council, parents and teachers, said six weeks of discussions had been unsuccessful. He claimed staff at Anderton Park are at risk and frequently break down in tears because of hostility at the school gates.
Mr Afzal, a former chief prosecutor for North West England, said: […]
“I’ve looked at the curriculum: there is nothing in the curriculum that is LGBT specific. There is nothing about gay sex.”

The protestors want three things.

  1. To completely stop the programme about LGBTQ relationships
  2. For there to be a consultation “involving third parties where the parents, not the school, decide who represents the parents”
  3. For any programmes in the future to be both age-appropriate and religiously sensitive.

It is demand number three that will force the Left-wing education system to choose between tolerance and intolerance. How can they possibly be religiously sensistive to the beliefs of Islam and still teach about gay relationships?

This clash was always going to happen and the Left in the UK will now be forced to see how incompatible the Islamic culture is with the beliefs that they hold so dear. They cannot stand up for gay rights and gay relationships and at the same time respect the religious beliefs of Muslim citizens.