The Media’s Homophobic Lie

Israel Folau has been smeared repeatedly by the media as homophobic and his tweet has been deliberately mischaracterized as homophobic. They even described his speech in his home church as homophobic when it was anything but.

Those two lies, however, are not the biggest lies told by the media. The biggest lie has been their lie of omission. What if I were to tell you that they have chosen to omit a news story that would blow their accusation of homophobia right out of the water?

The man they keep smearing as homophobic allowed his image to be used to promote Gay Rugby’s biggest tournament. Yes, really.

Israel Folau along with Adam Ashley-Cooper helped promote the 2014 Bingham Cup gay rugby tournament.

Does that sound to you like the actions of a homophobic man?

Adam Ashley-Cooper and Israel Folau help promote the 2014 Bingham Cup gay rugby tournament.

[…] Wallabies star Israel Folau was once a poster boy for the world’s biggest gay rugby tournament.
Folau, wearing a tight white singlet, and fellow Wallabies player Adam Ashley-Cooper, donning a purple and pink t-shirt, appeared on the cover of the Star Observer, a magazine for Australia’s LGBTI community, under the headline: Big Boys And Their Balls.

They were helping promote the 2014 Bingham Cup, dubbed “the biennial world championships of gay and inclusive rugby”.

A Bingham Cup spokesman said at the time Folau was a “strong advocate for ending all forms of the discrimination in sport”.


So let me get this straight. Israel Folau not only promoted gay rugby, but he was also described as being a STRONG ADVOCATE for ending all forms of discrimination in the sport. His crime therefore, is not that he treats Gay people badly or that he discriminates against them (as clearly he is very supportive of them), but that he believes that all sinners (including gay sinners) need to repent in order to get into heaven.

The whole media beat up is a storm in a teacup that has been labelled a Category 5 hurricane.