The one trick pony is far better than the three-legged nag

By Patriot Realm
First published 30th May

Brexit has become something much greater than a referendum of the people to leave the EU. It has become the battle cry of the silent majority who have had a gutful of the tyranny of big government and corporate interests and where politicians can do what they like.

Time for a clear-out.

Three years ago, Brexit was a word that was coined to describe the (then) imminent departure of the UK from the European Union. Had the Tories done their job, everything would have been sorted and settled and things would be on an even keel. The status quo of the two party system would have been intact and the people would have quietly gone about the business of voting Left or Right, Labour or Conservative and meekly voted for bad or worse. But no.

Theresa May and her cohorts stuffed it up.

They wanted a deal. And, to this day, I have never been able to figure out why a “ deal “ was ever part of the equation in the first place. Apparently, a deal was needed because of the Irish problem. A deal was needed because of trade and immigration. What the hell was wrong with just going back to the WTO rules and just flicking the light switch and closing the doors?

Oh you foolish, foolish politicians. You don’t understand us at all.

The people voted to leave. The parliament refused. The people will remove the members of parliament. That’s how it’s supposed to work. Yet for some reason, all the “ important people “ are shocked that the little guy doesn’t agree with them. So, after 3 years of patiently waiting and listening and watching Theresa May having another trip to Brussels to beg for a “ deal, “ the quiet people of Britain gave the establishment a kick up the bum at the EU elections and voted for the Brexit Party. It was an opportunity too good not to take.

This is where it gets interesting: the by-election in Peterborough is about a week away and the Brexit Party is shaping up to be a strong contender to take the Labour-held seat – made vacant by the criminal actions of the sitting member. What on earth does Brexit have to do with a by election you may ask.

Brexit is no longer a word coined to describe Britains’s exit from the EU. It is now a word that means exiting the stupidity and corruption and downright arrogant two-party system that has left a Nation bereft of Public SERVANTS and chocker block with Public OVERLORDS.

Brexit now means exiting self-serving and self-interested government. It means a desire of normal people to return to old fashioned values, decency and time honoured traditions.

We are seeing this all around the world. If the people of Peterborough get it right and vote for Mike Greene, the entire Nation will see this as a new beginning. A new future. A new way of doing business: the power will be returned to the voters. The man in the street, the ordinary folk who just want to be left alone to get on with life without being force fed leftist indoctrination and hate speech legislation. With metaphorically neutered police who cannot do their jobs because of red tape and overly zealous Diversity police overseeing them!

BREXIT now means Brexit. A word that one day will be defined in dictionaries around the world as “ leaving a state of servitude and returning to a place of freedom. “

Brexit is the MAGA cry that echoed across America in 2016.

Those that think that the Brexit party is a one trick pony need to think again. It is far better than the three legged nag that currently is offered by the Tories and Jeremy Corbyn.

It is also the only hope that Britain has.

I say, let that pony do its trick. Because it is a damned good one.