The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

The Minister for Cycling and Associate Minister for Trashing the Economy, Ms Julie Anne Genter, is the well-deserved roastee this weekend. After all, Genter told Morning Report there was an assumption that New Zealanders did not want the speed limit to drop, but research showed “a huge percentage of the community are much more comfortable travelling at the safe and appropriate speed”. (Research no doubt conducted during breakfast over organic muesli in the Genter household.)

The National Party went so far as to claim that Julie Anne Genter is ‘out of touch’ with the public. (Pot – kettle – black?)

Tim succinctly summed up the thoughts of many:

Put her on a plane and send her home.

kayaker suggested some hypocrisy was at play:

Get her to put her money where her mouth is and bike home.

Olivia was also frustrated by the overseas ‘experts’:

So fed up with hearing various accents from do gooders who lack the integrity to live in their country of birth, move to another one supposedly for a better life, then proceed to stuff it up with their ideological views and make it similar to where they came from

Sailor Sam picked up on Tim’s comment:

There is one answer for Julie Ann Genter and Tim has given that already.
Go home Yank! used to be a popular catchphrase once, maybe it needs be resurrected.
I find it odd that Jacinda Ardern does not understand how the USA works but allows this Yankee refugee to dictate her stupidity in NZ.

Plantagenet highlighted the real issue:

Genter may well be out of touch with the general public but she is perfectly in touch with the small percentage of the public she needs to carry on in her taxpayer funded job. Genter is really only speaking to the 6% or so of the public who vote Green, especially the urban ones. That’s her base and she caters to them hence all the talk of ‘car fascists’ etc. Someone who was interested in the general public wouldn’t say that but under our system of MMP, which has to be the worst electoral system in the world, Genter will continue to prosper.

And Sally replied:

Nicely summed up. She lives in her own little bubble. I am sure in her bubble they use the term ‘car fascist’ regularly.
She just let it slip on Twitter, one day.
She lives in a world of apartment city living, public transport and bikes. Very much large concentrated cities covering a small area of land which NZ doesn’t have. She and her buddies are trying to force their lifestyle on the majority.

Hobbes was on the button, as usual:

ALL radical greens are out of touch with the Public. They are also out of touch with reality.

And Archilochus attempted to lift our spirits by looking on the bright side:

Bring it on. If there is one measure that could destroy this coalition of liars next election this is it.