The tale of the wicked giant: Part 8, the final chapter

The Tale of the Wicked Giant, by Sir Bob Jones, part eight. (If you’ve missed the previous instalments, just click on ExPFC in blue at the bottom of the page to catch up).

‘How is it possible,’ he wondered, ‘that such a terrible infliction should fall upon New Zealand? Why have the people stopped working and why do they love me less than when I was small and frail and subservient to them?’

The helpers did not know why this should be so, and they told Government he must show the people who is the boss and again order them to work. Government did this and as well he forbade them to be on the streets at night.

But the people ignored him and refused to work any more and they marched in the streets and smashed the buildings and wrote insulting slogans about Government on the walls while the followers, who had no food for they had long forgotten how to grow it, began to starve in the homes that Government had given them and they cursed him greatly for failing to look after them any more and for leading them into this situation with false promises.

Finally in the year 1995, on a date still commemorated as Wilberforce-Lincoln day, the people rose and marched on the Capital. Government escaped by flying to China where he was much admired but some of the helpers and many of the do-gooders were led whimpering to the Capital’s lamp-posts where they were strung up. Having but only a spark of life in them, they gave a brief kick and were soon dead to the great joy of the people.

In Auckland the people rose and although their pockets were empty, they put on their dark glasses and white suits for a final time and in a great phalanx marched on the city and destroyed Government’s many buildings. All over the land the people destroyed the ivory towers Government had built and were greatly surprised to find they were hollow.

Soon there was no sign that Government had every trod New Zealand soil. The followers crept from their houses and asked the people for work on the farms and in the factories. Eventually the years passed some of the people began to worry about dangers unknown and said they ought have a strong servant to protect them.

Fortunately many of the people remembered with horror the previous Government and they cried out in protest. ‘If we are to appoint a Government to protect us then he must be strong if he is to succeed. What is to stop him growing fat and becoming a tyrant?’ they asked.

After much discussion the people’s representatives prepared a document called the Constitution which said:

  1. Governments are appointed as the servants of the people solely to protect people, not from themselves but from outside, and to provide only a judicial system within.
  2. Governments must confine taxation to a maximum of one day’s work from each citizen and may have no other indirect source of revenue nor may they borrow money.
  3. Governments are to be chosen by all of the people.

And the people of New Zealand lived happily ever after.

So this kids is what a Government is for, but as Sir Bob showed when he penned this over 40 years ago in 1978, it is also how the system is abused. How we allow the system to be abused has taken longer to show itself. Sir Bob estimated by 1995 our nation would have collapsed, somehow we have eeked it out a bit longer. But the malcontents, do-gooders and followers are holding strong, surely we can’t carry on much longer.

The followers need to be cracked down on, not given more of our produce.

The do-gooders need to be sacked and ignored.

The malcontents need to be at least halved in number and banned from representing us unless they win an electorate seat.

Who will stand up and save New Zealand from the wicked giant?