The tide is turning

By George

I guess youth have always been rebellious and somewhat anti-establishment. I recall during my teens, through the 1960s/70s, it was necessary to style yourself as a ”Bodgie” (male) or “Widgie” (female) otherwise you were “square”. Then we transformed into “Mods” or “Rockers” which distinguished the difference between beach bums and urban dwellers. Beach Boys vs Rolling Stones, long blonde hair, vs flat tops with duck arse styling.

Drugs and booze were embraced equally amongst all types. But specified political preference rarely took centre stage. Politics and politicians of all persuasions were unanimously ignored, at least in the circles I mixed in. And I clearly recall the only politics taught or discussed in schools were those of historic relevance.

Make no mistake, we still thought we knew it all and anyone over the age of 25 was senile and out of touch with reality, but this nemesis included our teachers, our parents and anyone in authority. They were our imaginary enemies, and we, theirs. How times have changed. Yes, “ban the bomb”, “South African apartheid” and the “Vietnam War” raised a few hackles amongst young adults and teenagers but these were real and visible issues.

Over the last twenty years or so the young ones have been systematically indoctrinated into a belief system not to rebel against actual problems like the threat of Islamic terrorism, but imaginary issues. For example, the idea that those who own weapons are potentially evil, that racism is everywhere, that being a white male is the cause of all that is subversive. Then there is the daddy of them all, “climate change”.

I believe we are entering the second generation of youth who have been exposed to this persuasion primarily through our education systems and now endorsed within our current political landscape. It appears the only major political opponent to all of this is US President, Donald Trump.

The left is beside themselves that a politician of this stature has the balls to challenge their propaganda and has set out on destroying his influence. They are not succeeding. In fact, western humanity is embracing his leadership, his courage and success and this has not gone unnoticed. Is the tide turning? I believe so. Who is going to stand up in New Zealand, or is it too late? This is through the eyes of an old “bodgie” whose ducks arse was unchallenged.