The ugliness in the media mirror

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but when a person is caught in a downward spiral they cannot see that. They just want the torment to stop.

Media in New Zealand like media in America and Australia have been very quick to throw the white supremacist, racist, alt-right, far-right and racist label around. Applying these labels to people with right-wing and conservative views is not only wrong it can have serious real-world consequences for those unfairly labelled.

In many cases, it affects their careers. People can lose their jobs. As a very sad and recent case in New Zealand shows they can also lose access to their children. All it takes is a vindictive and hard-hearted ex and the Media smear can be used as a weapon.

A young man in New Zealand who was actively involved in the rally to protect free speech in New Zealand was targeted by New Zealand media who selectively edited video footage of him. Whaleoil commenter Richard explains how the media labelling of him contributed to his tragic death.

We live in scary times where conservative views in the Western world are under attack. A video I watched where a woman screams at an older man, repeatedly calling him a Nazi really sums up the frenzy and complete irrationality of our times.

Our New Zealand media and New Zealand’s left-wing activists need to take a damn hard look in the mirror. The hate that they are always looking for could very well be hiding inside themselves. That face of accusation looking back at them is very ugly indeed.

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