Things that make me go hmm

What the media said:


What Trump actually said:

The Sun: She can’t make it because she has maternity leave. Are you sorry not to see her, because she wasn’t so nice about you during the campaign? I don’t know if you saw that?

Trump: I didn’t know that, no. I didn’t know that. No, I hope she’s OK. I did not know that, no.

The Sun: She said she’d move to Canada if you got elected. It turned out she moved to Britain.

Trump: There are a lot of people moving here [to the U.S.] So what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty

The Sun: Is it good having an American princess then, Mr. President? Does that help the link?

Trump: I think it’s nice. I think it’s nice and I’m sure she will do excellently. She will be very good. She will be very good. I hope she does.