This is not a prank: innocence and innocents destroyed

Extract from the post, Cultural Ion Thrusters 3: A Dark Destination by Red Pill Jew


I saw this and said, “Are you f*cking kidding me”?  I wanted to believe it had to be a prank.  Had to be a prank… I was praying it was a prank.  Nope.  A duckduckgo search here. Gag.  Retch.

There is, as others are noting too, a concerted effort to normalize what I sarcastically termed “intergenerational love”; a while ago I predicted it would be gay marriage, then polygamy/polyamory, and then the parallel sexualization of pre-pubescent children (and I’ve also predicted the norming of bestiality too  – something of which I’ve actually seen small attempts at doing here and there).  But take a look at these four:

Democrats and Hollywood Mainstreaming Pedophilia

The producer of the children’s film, “Show Dogs,” has pulled the film from theaters around the world and will recut it, removing two scenes that seemed to groom children for sexual abuse. 

This film is about a dog that goes undercover at a dog show competition –harmless enough except for the story arc where the only way for him to win and save the day was to allow unwanted touching of his genitals, while his coach practiced it with him and encouraged him to just go to his “zen” place.

Yes…I know…it is hard to believe this was in a children’s film, to begin with.I’m glad the scenes were pulled from the film, but IMHO it’s a race to the “Sick f*ck finish line” between the person who imagined the scenes, and the person who approved their being recorded.

Mainstream Media Normalizing Pedophilia in Reality Show, Calling it “Age Gap Love”

While the legal age of consent in the UK is 16, the program admits that the affection Andy had toward his child wife Beth began well before this age. “Originally a friend of her Mum and over the years became close to her children too,” the program says as innocent music plays in the background as if this sort of thing is entirely acceptable.

“But once she reached the age of 16, he decided to give this controversial relationship a go,” it continues. What this actually means is that Andy had been attracted to Beth well before her legal age of consent and only after he could no longer go to jail for it, he became public with his sick desires.

“The woman is 19 in the video. If they’d met for the first time when she was 19, it would be weird but not criminal or evil. But he knew her since a child and they started “dating” when she was 16. That’s called grooming and abuse. Dude is a pedophile. This is horrific,” writer Matt Walsh pointed out.


Mainstream Normalizes Pedophilia with ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5yo Girls


In China, but still… let’s not forget our domestic children’s pageants and kid shows sexualizing children.

Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series

Norms pushed, bent, and shattered.  Innocence and innocents destroyed.