This is what happens when you make knee jerk law changes

New Zealand’s ‘voluntary’ gun amnesty has reeled in…

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ONLY …530 guns.

[…] In a nation with 150,000 gun permits and an estimated 1.5 million guns in circulation, the number of actual military-style weapons turned in is…530.

Obviously, not everyone in New Zealand is onboard with the country’s hastily thrown together new law to expropriate weapons in the name of protection from mass shootings.  What that utterly miserable “530” figure shows is mass resistance, in response to the complete stupidity of blaming a mass shooting on the gun, not the foreign terrorist using the gun.  

That’s what New Zealand’s lefty parliament came up with in the wake of a hideous mass shooting at a Christchurch mosque last March by an Australian national.  Instead of enacting legislation to, say, keep the likes of this nut out of their country, the Kiwis decided to target New Zealand’s gun-owners in what was abusively called an “amnesty,” suggesting they were the ones who did something wrong.  With turn-ins amounting to a rounding error, it’s obvious they’re resisting. 

It also doesn’t help that if Kiwis voluntarily turn over their gun they are getting zero compensation in return. Gun owners still do not know how much money the government will be giving them (some time in the unspecified future) for their weapons. I don’t think that the government even know yet.

When the gun grab was first announced, the press mendaciously reported that Kiwis were all in for this kind of expropriation and heaped tons of praise on the national character. […]

Now the news, delicately expressed by, is that the rest of the gun-owners “might not surrender them.”  With a grand total of 530 in the hopper, ya think?

Not only are they not surrendering them, but stories abound of shops doing a roaring trade in spray-on grease and large PVC lengths of pipe to enable gun owners to literally bury their guns.

As for the owners of the 530 guns that were handed back, the government have rewarded them for their promptness and support by acting like complete wankers.

The document suggested the buyback could cost between $100 million to $200m.
It also said, those who handed in their guns as part of the amnesty wouldn’t qualify for compensation in the buyback scheme.


Where is the fairness and equity that our prime minister is always going on about? If this is how the government treats good citizens who do what their government asks them to do no questions asked, imagine how badly they will shaft those who drag the chain. They have to all intents and purposes stolen those guns. How can that possibly be legal?

[…] What we are seeing here is the folly of hastily enacted gun control in response to a traumatic event.  Guns in New Zealand have never been the problem for the place.  According to Nationmaster, New Zealand actually has more crime per capita than the U.S., but it has far less violent gun crime, which doesn’t suggest that the problem there is gun-owners.  

[…] police are anticipating a number of people with banned firearms in their possession won’t surrender them, according to documents obtained by Stuff in an OIA.

This is hardly surprising given the way that the government has botched the whole process. Police stations currently are not equipped to store the weapons safely. After an embarrassing theft of multiple guns that had been handed in at one station, a request to gun owners all over New Zealand was issued to please hold onto their guns to ensure that they remained in a secure location.

[…] The gun grab is a disaster.  Not only does it falsely blame New Zealand’s gentle, civil, rural, gun-oriented culture for the act of a foreign misfit who shouldn’t have been let into the country in the first place, it now is leading to mass resistance.  With one in four Kiwis believed to be gun-owners, according to the reports, as much as a quarter of the nation have become outlaws. […]