Two polls and no joy for National

By John

Two polls last night and neither bring any joy for National. Even the One News Poll which had National ahead still had them twelve behind in terms of seats in the house. Getting friends won’t even be enough on those numbers.

If these poll numbers are to be believed National have a mountain of Everest proportions to climb. The performance of this COL rabble, which has to be the most incompetent government in history, means National should be way ahead in poll numbers. The question is why aren’t they? The situation cannot be allowed to carry on as it is. If Jacinda’s boat is sinking, which in reality I think it is, then National’s boat is drifting at best.

I don’t think leadership is entirely responsible. However, the point is we have a John Key type person as PM. I hasten to add I’m not comparing intellect, far from it. Doing that would bring a result similar to comparing the two polls, ie poles apart. What has to be compared is simply public popularity. That is all Jacinda has in common with John.

We all are aware that it’s the economy stupid, followed by heath, education, welfare etc that are important at election time. But mark my words, if nothing changes between now and then, at the next election National’s number one fight will be the popularity of Jacinda Ardern no matter how useless she is. Unless the economy really tanks, (and it could do), people might not be entirely happy with Labour but they will vote red purely to vote Jacinda. Just think about it. This is an appalling judgment on the voting population but this is the politics of today.

Looking at the polls it is now critical that National has to change the leader. Politics is a brutal game and I’m afraid Simon is not the answer. National has to have a leader who can get down and dirty with Jacinda. For a start, it has to be a woman. According to the polls, that woman is Judith Collins. She has the intellect and smarts of John Key. Collins could have Ardern for breakfast and spit her back out again. The risk is she could be seen as bullying poor little Jacinda but that is a risk National will have to take. Forget all the baggage about Oravida and other manufactured nonsense from the Left. National desperately needs to get traction. Otherwise, it’s another three years in Opposition. Paula, please don’t put your name forward. You’re not even rating in the polls and you won’t.

It’s high time the National party board and the MPs realised the predicament the party is in. It’s a desperate situation that, as I said earlier, not even political friends could save. If National is serious about winning the next election then they will bite the bullet, take the risk and elect Collins unopposed. Otherwise, the high probability is it’s another three years with their posteriors warming the same seats they are now.