Victoria just keeps reaping the whirlwind

Ali Sari (inset) is just one of the suspects wanted over a spree of violent home invasions and carjackings in Melbourne.

The Australian state of Victoria has been subjected to years of violent crime rampages by violent African crime gangs – a crime wave which everyone from police officials to leftist elites have staunchly denied is even happening. Yet, those non-existent African crime gangs just keep on wreaking very real havoc.

The crimes are becoming so brazen and so devastating that even the police are beginning to admit the bleeding (no pun intended) obvious.

Three teenagers wanted over a violent two-night home invasion and car theft spree have been in custody before and have shown no signs of slowing down, police say.

This is a story depressingly familiar in Victoria: young offenders “of African appearance” committing heinous crimes with virtual impugnity thanks to Victoria’s revolving-door custody system.

The youths allegedly smashed their way into homes in Mernda, Bentleigh East and Derrimut, threatened and assaulted residents and carjacked a young mother in a city-wide rampage that began on Sunday night and continued into Tuesday morning…

Shepparton man Ali Sari, 18, has been identified as one of the suspects. Police have released an image of him and are calling on Mr Sari to hand himself in.

Two 17-year-olds are also wanted over the home invasions and carjacking.

The fourth alleged offender, a 17-year-old from Broadmeadows, was found asleep at Corio Central shopping centre in Geelong…He was charged on Tuesday night with three counts of home invasion, five counts of theft of a motor vehicles and three counts of theft

The rap sheet is grimly familiar reading. Africans in Victoria are 30 times more likely than the rest of the population to commit assaults, 86 times more likely to commit aggravated burglaries, and 50 times more likely to commit motor vehicle crimes.

Those figures are almost certainly an understatement: unlike, say, the United States, Victoria doesn’t count statistics by ethnicity, but by country of birth. Ethnic Africans born in Australia are counted as Australians only, thus lowering the offending rate for “Africans”.

Victorians can take little comfort that the plod is on the case.

Mr Bateson said the wanted teenagers had been in custody before and were “absolutely” a threat to the public but police are “pursuing them vigorously”.

“We know who the other three are, we’ve actually contacted their families and told them to hand themselves in,” he said.

This sounds like something from Team America: World Police: “We will be very angry with you… and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.”

Meanwhile, another African gang offender is on trial for ramming a crowd with his car, causing one victim to lose a leg. The alleged offender is a non-citizen refugee who’s already racked up four assault convictions – which might lead less “woke” folks to wonder why the hell he was even still here.

As I wrote recently, Victorians could be forgiven for wondering if the rule of law actually means anything in their state at all.